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Will Apple Use Microsoft and Amazon for its iCloud Service?

By September 13, 2011

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iCloud Service

Microsoft and Amazon could benefit from Apple's iCloud service in a recent report by the British online tech publication, The Register. According to their article, Apple will opt to use existing platforms to deliver its new cloud music service rather than their own infrastructure when it launches -- expected by the end of this fall. There's no official word yet from Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon, but The Register's article indicates that Microsoft insiders believe iCloud will employ the Azure platform in combination with Amazon Web Services. In fact, they are quoted as saying, "Apple's iCloud is running on Azure and Amazon. Customers' data is being striped between the pair."

The method of striping data in simple terms, just means the splitting up of a file (segmenting) into parts which is then located on several storage devices rather than just one. The file can then be accessed far quicker using several storage devices working in parallel to retrieve the information -- great for streaming music!

But, why two cloud computing platforms?

The theory behind utilizing two services is that Apple would benefit by not having to rely on just one provider for its cloud computing needs. The iCloud service would also be far more robust if, as The Register's report suggests, data striping is employed across the two independent platforms.

However, all this doesn't explain Apple's huge data center in North Carolina? This is currently being kitted out according to many reports in the blogosphere. In fact, an article by GigaOM shows several photos (including Ex-CEO, Steve Jobs) of what is allegedly lurking inside Apple's mysterious iCloud facility!

Could Apple be thinking of using its facility in conjunction with Microsoft and Amazon?

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