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Mark Harris

Mark Harris

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Mark Harris has been involved with digital music since the mid-eighties. Producing and listening to digital music is a passion that has led him to write about it in an easy to understand, no-nonsense approach.


As an MP3 addict who has downloaded and listened to thousands of tracks over the years, Mark has gained a deep understanding about digital music and the ever-changing technologies. He has a passion for music that stretches far beyond just writing about it through the media. As a music composer who regularly uses his music studio, Mark understands the processes involved that take that musical idea all the way to being available to the masses.

By Mark Harris:

I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed the birth of digital music and watched its fantastic evolution; we now connect with sound in a way that people would have thought impossible not so long ago. I am proud to be part of this revolution and look forward to guiding you through the exciting world of digital music at About.com.

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