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How to Convert Audio Formats Using iTunes
Sometimes you may need to convert existing songs to other audio formats to make them compatible for a particular piece of hardware, for example an MP3 ...
Top Free MP3 Conversion Software for Your Music Library
Are you looking for an MP3 converter for your music library? This article lists the best free software for converting your digital music into various audio formats.
Audio Conversion and Digitizing - Converting Audio Formats
If you need to convert an audio file to a different format such as MP3, or digitize a cassette tape or vinyl record, then these set of tutorials will show you how.
4 Free Audio Converter Software Programs - PC Support - About.com
With Free Studio , you can also convert several of these audio formats to SWF. Free Studio also lets you extract audio from YouTube, audio CDs, and most video  ...
Winamp FAQ: Converting Audio File Formats
Since Winamp version 5.32, it has been possible to convert digital music files from one audio format to another by using its built-in transcoding tool. Format ...
How to Convert WAV to MP3 With a Free Software Tool - Digital Music
Have you got uncompressed WAV files that you'd like to convert to much smaller MP3s? Even though audio stored in the WAV format is of excellent quality, ...
Audio Format Conversion - Converting Audio Formats - Digital Music
These tutorials show you how to convert between different audio formats that are used in digital music.
VLC Media Player Tutorial: How to Convert Video Files to MP3s
One of the top reasons why you may want to extract the audio from video files is to add soundtracks and songs to your existing digital music library. You may also  ...
How to Convert WMA to MP3 Using MediaMonkey - Digital Music
Sometimes it is necessary to convert (transcode) one audio format to another because of some hardware/software restriction that the user comes up against.
How to Convert AAC to MP3 Using iTunes - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Music bought from the iTunes Store comes in the AAC digital audio format. While AAC is thought by many to be superior to MP3, it isn't compatible with as many ...
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