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FM Transmitters: Listen to MP3 Music on Your Car Stereo
FM transmitters are usually powered by your car's cigarette lighter adapter and work by converting your portable's audio output to an FM radio signal -- this can ...
Best FM Transmitters for iPad Listening in the Car - About iPad
FM transmitters are a great solution for those living in rural areas where there isn't much competition, and even in larger metropolitan areas, FM transmitters can ...
Best iPod & iPhone FM Transmitters - iPhone/iPod - About.com
The current crop of iPhone and iPod FM Transmitters offers a number of excellent options for finding clear signals, driving safely, and sometimes even making ...
Some Tips for Using the iPod Car Adapter - iPhone/iPod - About.com
Most iPod FM transmitters let you choose what FM channel you want to broadcast the iPod's signal on. You'll get the best audio quality out of your FM adapter, ...
Are FM Transmitters Legal? - Car Tech - About.com
With how heavily regulated the radio spectrum is, it's only natural for questions of legality to come up in regards to the use of personal FM transmitters. After all, if ...
iPhone & iPod FM Transmitter and Car Kit Reviews
The Best FM Transmitters for Your iOS Device ... If you're looking for a solid FM transmitter for your iPhone or iPod that makes finding clear stations easy, check ...
Belkin TuneCast Auto Live iPhone FM Transmitter Review
FM transmitters for iPhones and iPods are tricky devices. While they're useful ( especially as fewer and fewer cars sport tape decks), they also have drawbacks:  ...
FM transmitter - Car Tech - About.com
Most FM transmitters plug into an MP3 player just like a cassette adapter or the auxiliary input on a head unit. These devices then modulate the audio signal and  ...
Car FM Transmitter Review: TuneLink Auto by New Potato
Between that and its effective technology for diminishing the noise and hum that plagues other FM transmitters, the TuneLink Auto is a top choice if you want to ...
2011 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Finalists - iPhone/iPod
The Best FM Transmitter finalists for the 2011 About.com Readers' Choice Awards ... The cigarette-lighter-adapter device is among the only FM transmitters that ...
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