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Audials One Review: A Review of the Audials One Software

Full review of Audials One V2.0 Platinum Version

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Audials One Review: A Review of the Audials One Software
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Audials One has been updated! Read the Audials One V8 Review for more information.

RapidSolution Software's Audials One is best described as a 'Digital Swiss army knife' for downloading free and legal media. It's large set of tools also allow you to; remove DRM copy protection, make ringtones, convert formats, burn CDs, and more.

Read the following Audials One review to discover if this is the 'total solution' you've been looking for.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Rich toolset with seamless integration
  • Excellent value for money


  • Video conversion is sluggish
  • Videoraptor only supports Internet Explorer

Audials One – Getting Started

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
  • Minimum Processor: 1GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Software: Windows Mediaplayer 9+ / iTunes 6+
  • DSL Internet access.

Installation and Configuration: You'll need approximately 300 Mb of free hard drive space although the recommendation is 1 Gb. Each tool has its own unique settings that give you plenty of options to tweak. Most were left at default with the exception of the export folders; Audials One uses the My Documents folder which you may want to change - we did.

User Interface: Audials One has a nice little navigation bar on the left-side of the screen where you can quickly switch between the three different programs. Each program is displayed in its own color; blue for Radiotracker, green for Videoraptor, and red for Tunebite. RapidSolution Software have done a good job of creating an intuitive interface that you can quickly learn.

Audials One - Radiotracker

Radio: Radiotracker connects to thousands of Internet radio stations using a huge streaming audio database. You are able to listen to and record the audio output in the MP3 format. An autorip facility automatically records streaming audio based on your specific requirements - genre, favorite stations, and a wish list.

MusicFinder: The second tab across the top of the screen is named MusicFinder. This functions as a meta-search engine where you can search for the name of an artist or song title. You can even tell Radiotracker what type of music or artist to search for by using your existing music library.

Image © 2008 Mark Harris - Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Podcasts: The third tab across the top is for Podcasts. This works in a similar way to the radio tab where a database is displayed enabling you to select your media. If you need to follow a series of episodes then Radiotracker allows you to subscribe to podcasts in the database or even add URLs that aren’t present in the podcast list.

What makes Radiotracker so impressive is its ability to record multiple audio streams in parallel. This makes efficient use of your time and network bandwidth by simultaneously recording audio streams from different sources.

Audials One - Videoraptor

Search Music: Videoraptor as the name suggests focuses mainly on video but it can also find MP3 music too. It works on a different principle to Radiotracker when acquiring music; Videoraptor downloads files directly rather than recording streaming audio. By typing in the name of an artist or song name you can find music videos and normal MP3 music.

Web Video: Video websites like, YouTube, ClipFish, and Google video are used by Videoraptor to capture video that you would normally watch via your browser. To download web video using Videoraptor, you have to visit one of the seven supported websites for the video to be captured; Internet Explorer is unfortunately the only browser you can use. During testing, Videoraptor produced good search results and downloading went smoothly. The only downside is the video conversion. There are a number of video formats that you can choose to convert to and although the finished result is good, the transcoding is a bit slow.

Audials One – Tunebite

DRM copy protection removal: Tunebite’s main purpose is to convert audio and video formats. The best feature though is the facility to remove DRM copy protection in a legal way. This is achieved by recording the output of your soundcard to generate a digital recording that is free from DRM. Because the original file remains untouched there is no illegal hacking of the encrypted file.

Audio Formats: Tunebite can convert a number of different audio formats which are:

The main screen has a useful drag-and-drop area for you to quickly queue up media files. The auto-detect feature is intelligent and was able to detect the type of media. After the conversion process has finished you can set Tunebite to automatically add cover art, ID3 tags and lyrics to each of your tracks.

Video Formats: The following video formats are supported in Tunebite:

  • 3GP, MPEG4, WMV7, WMV9, XVID
Converting a video is done in the same way as for audio; you can either drag-and-drop, or queue files by clicking on the add button. A series of tests were performed using different video formats which yielded good results in terms of speed and quality.

Audio Stream Capture: Tunebite can capture streaming audio but compared to Radiotracker it’s very limited. There are only two sources that it can connect to (musicload.de and Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio) and so it’s only useful if you’re searching for something that is only available from either of these sites.

Read the full Tunebite 5 review for more in-depth information.

Audials One - Additional Tools

Image © 2008 Mark Harris - Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Ringtone Maker: A great tool for generating your very own ringtones. It can use audio tracks, CDs, and audio from video. The process is straightforward thanks to the wizard-based interface that takes you through each step.

CD Burner: This integrated CD burning program enables you to burn your collection to CD. If you are using Radiotracker there is the option to burn to a data DVD as well as CD. All the three main tools support the creation of either data or audio CDs.

Tagrunner: This is a handy tool that makes organizing your music collection easy. It automatically adds cover art, ID3 tags, and lyrics to your music collection by using Internet CD databases (CDDB).


RapidSolution Software's Audials One has a plethora of useful programs that integrate well to provide a seamless and well-rounded product. Its main target audience is obviously people who are interested in downloading free music and video. With the inclusion of Tunebite, the Audials One product will appeal to any user that has the need to convert file formats or wants to break free from the restrictions of DRM copy protection. For the more organized sort of person, the music library organizer (Tagrunner) and CD burning tool will surely delight. The minor complaint with Audials One is that it would be nice to see Videoraptor support more than just one Internet browser. Not everyone likes Internet Explorer and this may put some people off. Overall, Audials One is a stellar product that represents excellent value for money and is highly recommended for both music and video fans alike.

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