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Is Your iPhone Stuck? Easily Reset it Without Losing Your Digital Music




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If you use your iPhone as a PMP, and need to reset it without losing the songs in your iTunes library (non-destructive), then a soft reset is a good place to start. There can be times when simply listening to a song can result in a frozen iPhone. Rather than restoring the iPhone which deletes all your iTunes Store purchases, and other information (factory defaults), simply rebooting your Apple device can be all that's needed. Follow these steps to see how.


Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 1 Minute Max.

Here's How:

  1. iPhone Won't Turn On? Check battery Power.
    Before you try anything, it's worth making sure that your iPhone has enough power in its batteries. It is a common situation that can make it look as though your iPhone is dead and therefore not resettable. In actual fact it may only need a little extra juice in its batteries in order to perform a reset cycle. If your iPhone won't turn on:

    • Plug your iPhone directly into a computer USB port (not hub) or use the power adapter that came with it.
    • If the screen is blank then this usually indicates that your iPhone's battery is very low on charge -- wait up to 5 minutes to see if you get a battery icon displayed. For more information on battery life, be sure to read our Tips on Preserving Your Battery.
    • If you see the battery icon displayed on your iPhone then the good news is that it's still functioning and you will be able perform a reset -- go to the next step while keeping it plugged in.


  2. Reboot iPhone (soft reset)
    To reset iPhone, simply hold down:

    • [sleep/wake] and [Home] buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds (or until the reset cycle starts).
    Release the buttons and look at the display -- you should now see the Apple logo appear. When your device has finished its reset, you should now be able to listen to all your iTunes songs again without having to restore them using Apple's software media player, iTunes.


What You Need:

  • iPhone
  • Spare USB port on your computer / iPhone AC adapter (if it doesn't power up)
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