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Bluetooth on the iPhone: How to Wirelessly Listen to Your Digital Music

Wirelessly Connect the iPhone to Other Bluetooth Devices to Listen to Your Songs


iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Image Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

Bluetooth and the iPhone

The iPhone makes a great portable for listening to your digital music. The conventional way to listen to your synced iTunes music library is to use the earbuds that came with your Apple device. However, hidden in the iPhone's settings is a wireless feature called Bluetooth that can be used with all kinds of hardware devices.

For instance, if you've got a pair of Bluetooth headphones, then you can link them up to your iPhone and listen to your music without having to worry about physical connections and the inconvenience of tangled wires! There's also a growing number of consumer electronic products that support the Bluetooth standard such as: home stereos, in-dash car systems, and some computers like the Mac.

By default, the iPhone (including the iPod Touch and iPad) has this Bluetooth functionality turned off. The reason being is that Bluetooth consumes quite a bit of power and so is best left off to conserve your iPhone's battery until you need it. To turn on your iPhone's Bluetooth services, follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

Making Sure Your iPhone is up-to-date

Before activating this facility, it's a good idea to first make sure your iPhone's operating system (iOS) is up-to-date. The iPhone usually checks for updates automatically, but you can manually do this by tapping the Settings icon on the Home Screen, followed by General > Software Update.

Ensuring Your Bluetooth Device is Setup to be Found!

All Bluetooth devices you intend to use with the iPhone need to be discoverable. This is a type of networking mode (similar to how computers find each other on a network) that devices switch to in order to be found by other Bluetooth hardware -- this connection is commonly referred to as Bluetooth pairing. The other caveat to be aware of is that unlike Wi-Fi which you can use all around your home, Bluetooth devices have to be quite close to each other. For a stable connection, it's best to have them within 10 Meters of each other.

For more information on your particular Bluetooth hardware device, and how to ensure that it is in discovery mode, check the manual that came with it.

Locating the Bluetooth option

  1. On the iPhone's Home Screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Look down the list of options on the Settings screen and tap the General menu option.
  3. On the General screen, select the Bluetooth option by tapping it.

Pairing up to Your Bluetooth Device

To finally start the iPhone's Bluetooth Services and pair up, make sure your chosen Bluetooth device is on and in discovery mode. Follow the steps below to complete the task:
  1. Enable the iPhone's Bluetooth services by using the slider button.
  2. In the Devices list, you should see the Bluetooth hardware displayed. If you haven't previously paired it up with the iPhone you should see its status as Not Paired. Tap on the device to select it for pairing.
  3. A new screen should now be displayed asking you to enter a security PIN code for the device. If using a headset for example, the PIN is usually 0000 (4 zeros), but you'll need to read your device's instruction manual to be sure of this. Enter the PIN using the iPhone's on-screen keypad and then tap the Pair button.
To test that the Bluetooth device can now receive wireless transmissions from your iPhone, play some of your songs. To do this, press the iPhone's Home button to get back to the Home Screen. Tap the Music icon and play one of your downloaded iTunes songs. You should now hear the digital music being played wirelessly!
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