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Top iPod and MP3 Player Accessories

A range of popular accessories for the iPod and other types of portables


There are literally thousands of different types of accessories that can be purchased for a portable player, but what exactly are your choices? Whether you want to purchase an accessory for your own MP3 player, or intend on buying a gift for a friend or family member, accessories can be an inexpensive way to enhance an existing set up. This article lists a range of popular accessories for the iPod and other types of MP3 player that are both functional and can in some instances extend the usefulness of a portable device.

1. Logitech Squeezebox

Logitech Squeezebox
Image © Logitech

The Squeezebox , made by Logitech, enables you to listen to music in any room of your home. Using 802.11 Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet cable, you can listen to streaming audio from various sources, including your digital music collection. What’s more, access to thousands of Internet radio stations and subscription music services like Pandora, Slacker, and Rhapsody make it possible to listen to a virtually unlimited supply of music even when your computer is off. Squeezebox is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

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2. USB Power Adapter for Apple iPod

Apple iPod USB power adapter
Image Courtesy of Pricegrabber

If you’re on the move and worried about your iPod battery, then the USB Power Adapter is a life saving iPod accessory that might just come in handy if your battery decides to give up. It plugs into any electrical socket and comes with a USB cord enabling you to recharge your iPod without the need for a computer. The plug folds in for compact storage which makes it easy to take anywhere you go.

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3. V-moda Vibe High Definition Earphones

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your set of in-ear headphones, then the V-moda Vibe earphones give you high definition audio reproduction and a design that will turn heads. You can choose from red roxx (pictured), la mocha, gunmetal black, gunmetal rouge and flashback chrome.

For more on earphones, be sure to read our Top Budget Earbuds guide which focuses on some of the best headphones in the budget market.

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4. Caselogic True Sport Universal Armband

universal MP3 armband
Image Courtesy of Pricegrabber

With an internal dimension of 3.5" X 1.75" X 0.5", this universal carry case makes it easy to use your portable device while on the move. The armband is made from a breathable material and the casing is constructed with neoprene to give you easy access to your player's controls while protecting it from moisture. The addition of reflective strips and a hidden storage pocket for storing credit cards, money, etc., is a nice addition to the product which enhances its usefulness.

If you're looking for an armband specifically for your iPod, then why not read our Top 5 iPod Armbands article for more information.

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5. Monster Cable iCarPlay FM Transmitter

Monster Cable RadioPlay 300 FM Transmitter
Image Courtesy of Pricegrabber

If you want to listen to your MP3 collection in your car but aren’t blessed with an in-dash radio/MP3 player, then the Monster Cable iCarPlay FM Transmitter range will enable you to do just that. This handy MP3 player accessory transmits an FM signal that your car stereo can then pick up - just like tuning into any radio station. It’s compatible with any MP3 player that has a 3.5mm headphone jack output and takes its power from your car's 12 volt DC power outlet.

For more information, be sure to read our Best FM transmitters article which goes into detail on some of the top hardware products for listening to your digital music library in the car.

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6. Apple Universal Dock

Photo Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The Apple Universal Dock is one of the best iPod accessories for extending the functionality of your iPod in several dimensions - it's iPhone compatible too. As well as being able to charge and sync any iPod that has a dock connector, the Universal Dock enables you to connect it to a stereo system or TV. You can then use your iPod to play music on a stereo system or speakers and display videos/photos on your TV.

The remote control that you get makes it easy to control your iPod from a distance, making the whole experience a rather comfortable one. For compatibility, the Universal Dock comes with 5 interchangeable dock adapters, making it compatible with a number of iPods and is also useful for households that have more than one iPod.

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