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Top USB Flash Drives: Easily Store and Transfer Your Music Files

Instantly enjoy your music on a home Hi-Fi, car stereo, games console, etc.


MP3 players and portable media devices are great if you want to listen to music via earbuds, but what if you want to share your music in different places? Some portables double as flash drives, but an easier solution is to use a dedicated USB flash drive. If you've got a home Hi-Fi, car stereo, games console (PS3), etc., then all of these can have a USB port. You can then directly plug in your music library to share, copy, sync, etc. Even though USB flash drives typically have smaller storage capacities than external hard drives, they do offer a robust solution for sharing and transferring your music library.

1. Verbatim TUFF-'N'-TINY USB 2.0 Flash Drive - 4GB

Verbatim Tuff-N-Tiny 4GB
Image © Verbatim Americas, LLC.

The Verbatim TUFF-'N'-TINY USB flash drive is an ultra-thin and compact storage device with attitude. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its durability when it comes to everyday use. It is resistant to dust, static discharges, and is also water resistant. To make it even easier to carry around, Verbatim have included a key ring lanyard with the TUFF-'N'-TINY so you can attach it to your cell phone or key ring. There's also added features with this drive such as: password security for Windows users, Windows ReadyBoost compatible, and a limited lifetime warranty. If you're looking for a 4GB USB flash drive that can stand up to a fair amount of punishment and fits comfortably on a keyring then you won't go far wrong with the Verbatim TUFF-'N'-TINY.

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2. SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash Drive - 8GB

SanDisk Cruzer 8GB
Image © SanDisk Corporation

If you're on a budget and are looking for a solid 8GB USB flash drive, then the SanDisk Cruzer is a good choice for storing and sharing files. It comes with a retractable USB connector which is great for everyday use where an end cap might be lost. Read and write speeds are keen, with a reported 15 Mb/sec and 9 Mb/sec respectively. If you're looking for a higher capacity than 8GB, then you can also choose the Cruzer 16Gb or Cruzer 32GB. Whichever one you choose, your purchase is backed up by a generous 2-year limited warranty for that peace of mind.

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3. Corsair Flash Voyager - 16GB

Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB
Image © Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The Corsair 16GB Voyager USB Flash drive offers a good amount of features considering its asking price of around $30. Under the hood, this drive is capable of read speeds of up to 33 Mb/sec, while write speeds of up to 19 Mb/sec are possible. This makes for a very quick drive compared to some others in this category and is ideal for copying, syncing, and carrying around a reasonably large music collection -- or any type of file for that matter. If you're worried about keeping your media files safe, then this drive not only has a rubber casing to absorb everyday impacts, but is also water resistant! What's also impressive about this drive is that it also comes with a whopping 10-year warranty as an added bonus. The Corsair Flash Voyager drive is certainly recommended if you're looking for a tougher than average 16GB drive that is also water resistant.

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4. Transcend JetFlash 600 Flash Drive - 32 GB

Trancend JetFlash 600 32GB
Image © Transcend Information, Inc.

If you're looking for a 32GB USB flash drive with blazing speeds, then the Trancend JetFlash 600 is a worthy candidate. This USB flash drive is in Trancend's Hi-Speed Series and therefore is geared towards consumers who 'feel the need for speed'. The drive offers excellent data transfer rates with a reported read speed of up to 32Mb/sec and a maximum write speed of 18Mb/sec. The JetFlash 600 also comes with Trancend's JetFlash elite data management software that has a range of useful tools for backing up and securely storing your files. As an added bonus, this USB flash drive also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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