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Top Halloween Album Downloads: MP3 Music And Sounds For Halloween

Halloween Albums: spooky music and sound effects for Halloween


Trying to find that 'perfect' Halloween album by scouring the many Digital music services on the Internet can be time-consuming. There are countless Halloween albums that are geared towards different occasions, but how do you know which one to choose? Why not take a look at this Halloween music essentials guide that focuses on some of the best albums for various Halloween occasions. Once you've got your digital download, you can then burn it to CD, sync to your MP3 player / media player, etc. Happy Halloween!.

1. Essential Halloween - 50 Scary Songs

Essential Halloween - 50 Scary Songs
Image © Countdown Media GmbH

With an impressive 50 tracks and a total playing time of over 2.5 hours, the Essential Halloween album is a great musical resource for any Halloween occasion. As well as themes from cult classics such as The Adams Family, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer, there's also a good mix of other well known songs. Overall, a very good compilation that is suitable for all the family.

2. Halloween Music for Kids

Halloween Music For Kids
Image © Renegade Media Network LLC

Halloween Music for Kids by the Halloween Hit Factory is a great collection of 20 kid-friendly tracks. This includes songs such as: Monster Mash, Halloween Limbo Rock, Manic Mummy party mix, and many more. If you've got a kid's Halloween party lined up and want something to keep them dancing, then this album is certainly worth a look.

3. The Ultimate Rockin' Halloween Party - American Horror Songs (1930s - 1950s)

The Ultimate Rockin Halloween Party
Image © The Viper Label

If you fancy a trip back in time, then this retro Halloween party album is the perfect choice. It contains 20 chilling-tracks dating from the 1930s - 1950s. Artists such as Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Archie King, The Coasters, and The Swingin' Philies, are all featured on this old school horror album. If you like the classic American horror songs, then this is an excellent choice to get you all spooked out this Halloween.

4. Ultimate Halloween Party Hits

Ultimate Halloween Party Hits
Image © Drew's Entertainment

This music album by The Hit Crew is a compilation of classic songs and sound effects suitable for almost any Halloween party. With a total of 20 terrifying tracks to listen to, there's plenty of atmosphere in this album to keep your party goers in the Halloween mood. There's music from top artists such as Michael Jackson, Ray Parker Jr., Bobby "Boris" Pickett (Monster Mash), and more -- all totaling over an hour of non-stop Halloween fun. Even though this album isn't suitable for very young children (some sound effects tracks), it's an excellent buy if you like dance music and want to inject some energy into a 'dead' party!

5. Spooky Halloween Sounds

Spooky Halloween Sounds
Image © Hot Ideas

Halloween sound effects can add a great atmosphere almost anywhere. If you're looking for background Halloween sounds, then this is album by Captain Audio is an excellent choice. This download is over an hour long and provides an incredible amount of sounds for that perfect spooky ambiance -- great for adding audio atmosphere to your outside Halloween display. This album is also very good value for money at only 99 cents.

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