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Top Thanksgiving Music Albums: MP3 Music And Ringtones to Download

Celebrate Thanksgiving with music, sounds, and ringtones


There are many Digital music services that offer countless Thanksgiving albums, but how do you find ones that are suitable for a particular occasion? Searching the Internet can be a tedious process if you are looking for something specific -- like music for kids.

To help you quickly find what you're looking for, be sure to take a look at this Thanksgiving music essentials article. Here you'll find albums for music, sounds, and ringtones. Once you've got your digital download, you can then sync to your MP3 player / media player, burn it to CD, etc.

And remember, you don't have to download a complete album -- if you prefer, just choose the tracks you want. Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Thanksgiving

Image © Big Eye Music

With a total of 28 tracks in this compilation and a total playing time of over 1.5 hours, the Thanksgiving album is a great musical resource for any Thanksgiving occasion. With songs like, Thank U (original by Alanis Morissette), Thank God I found You (original by Mariah Carey), Thank You For The Music (Original by Abba), and many more, there's a good mix of well known songs for everyone. Overall, a very good compilation of songs for Thanksgiving.

2. Thanksgiving Kid's Songs

Thanksgiving Kid's Songs
Image © Planet Music

Thanksgiving Kid's Songs by the Hit Co. is a great collection of kid-friendly tracks suitable for any Thanksgiving occasion where there are kids. This compilation includes entertaining songs such as: Eat it (taken from Michael Jackson's Beat It Song), Food Glorious Food (from the musical - Oliver), Apples and Bananas, and more. If you're looking for music to keep the kids entertained this Thanksgiving, then this album is well worth considering.

3. Music for Thanksgiving

Music For Thanksgiving
Image © EMD

This album is a huge 35 tracks (2 CDs) compilation of Thanksgiving music. If you like listening to chillout music, then this album won't disappoint. There's a wide selection of music tracks covering many genres, including well known tracks like, American Beauty (Andrew Bernstein), Adagio, Twin Peaks, Mad World, Bittersweet Symphony (original by The Verve), and many more.

4. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Collection: Home For The Holidays

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Collection - Home For The Holidays
image © BFM Digital

If you like listening to traditional Thanksgiving music while dining with your family and friends, then this collection is for you. Most of 26 tracks on this album are performed by artists using a mixture of piano, string, and wind instruments. With a playing time of over 1.5 hours, there are classics to listen to like: Greensleeves; Amazing Grace; Canon in D major; No Place Like Home for the Holidays, and more on this traditional Thanksgiving music album.

5. Home To Thanksgiving: Songs of Thanks and Praise

Home To Thanksgiving - Songs of Thanks and Praise
Image © Harmonia Mundi USA

If you prefer listening to the full sound of a choir ensemble, then this album is worth considering for celebrating Thanksgiving. There are 19 tracks that have been arranged by Paul Hillier which range from medieval sounding songs all the way to choir songs that have a modern twist. Overall, Home to Thanksgiving is a great compilation that captures the essence of Thanksgiving through music.

6. Turkeys: Thanksgiving Sounds & Ringtones

Turkeys - Thanksgiving Sounds & Ringtones
Image © HDsoundFX

If you've got a cell phone and want to make Thanksgiving complete by having a ringtone too, then this compilation of sounds by Dr. Sound Effects is a good resource. Even though you may not want to download all 14 tracks in this wild and wacky collection, there's some excellent turkey sounds to use on your cell phone -- or even on your home answering machine perhaps for added effect?

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