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If you’re confused or frustrated about where to source your digital music from, then you’ve come to the right place. Read our reviews on digital music services and discover alternative sources of free audio such as, podcasting, streaming audio, plus lots of links to the best free MP3 music sites to keep you busy. There's also a section on essential software to manipulate and organize your music library.

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'Paid for' Music Services

Paid For Music Services

Choosing the right digital music service to get your music from can be a real headache. Not only do you have to think about what services are compatible with your MP3 player but also whether you should subscribe, or go a la carte. Read these articles to get a clearer view on what’s on offer.

Free Music Downloads

Legal Free Music

There is a huge amount of free downloadable music on the Internet, but not all of it is legal. Use this resource to find out the best places to download free and legal digital music.

Streaming Music Services

Streaming audio Last.fm Stats

One of the best things about streaming music is that you can listen to it on-demand, without having to download it first. Very often, many of these services also provide registered users with other benefits, such as music videos, photos, and social networking with other users. Whatever your requirements, streaming music is a great way to discover new music.

File Sharing

File sharing is a method of sharing your files with other users over a network (usually the Internet). Often referred to as peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, it's a very popular technology that is used by millions of people world-wide to share software, videos, music, and other types of files. BitTorrent is the most widely used protocol that the many de-centralized networks use, and there is a good choice of free programs to download. This section gives you the information you need on topics such as networks, software, and legal/security issues.

Essential Software

Music Software

Whether you just want to listen to your music, or prefer the more hands on approach by manipulating digital music files, then having the right software at your disposal is essential. This section covers software for listening, recording, editing, organizing, removing DRM, and more.

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