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Digital Music UPC Barcodes: How to Sell Music Online


Question: Digital Music UPC Barcodes: How to Sell Music Online
Q. How do I purchase a UPC barcode so I can sell my digital music online?

If you are an artist wanting to sell your own music on digital music services such as the iTunes Store, you will need to acquire a UPC barcode.

  • Option 1 - For $35 you can register your CD with CD Baby. If you then pay an extra $20 you can get a UPC barcode. CD Baby has promotional services that will increase your exposure and is a good route to go.
  • Option 2 - If you require a UPC barcode without the need for promotional services then you can get a UPC barcode from the Indie Artist Alliance for $9.95
  • Option 3 - If you are a company wanting to generate 1000's of UPC barcodes then the following route would be best:
    Obtain a 'manufacturer number' from the GS1 US (formally, Uniform Code Council). Once you have done that, a product number must be assigned to each SKU. One thing to keep in mind is that for each of your products, you will need a unique UPC barcode. The fee for initially registering with the GS1 US organization can be steep, but you can release multiple products with unique UPC barcodes.

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