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Top 3 Free File Download Managers: Download Music and Video Files Faster

Download Managers for faster downloads of music and videos from the Internet


If you’ve never used one before, a file download manager helps you to download files from the Internet much faster and easier than your Web browser can. If you regularly download music and video files, then you might have already suffered problems like downloads not completing or ones that are very slow. File download managers typically support advanced features such as multi-threaded downloading, P2P networks, and can resume from broken or paused downloads. You can also use some download managers to download media from sites (Youtube etc). They are also great for organizing your media in one central place.

1. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager is an open source program for the Windows operating system. It supports the resuming of broken downloads in case there’s an interruption in your connection and uses mirror sites to maximize speed. What makes FDM unique compared to most software of this type is that you can also use it to convert music and video formats; this is extremely handy if for example you need to quickly convert to MP3. FDM also comes with other useful tools such as a site explorer, HTML spider, and a download scheduler if you need to download files at a particular time of the day.

2. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader which is a Windows based program is a light weight freeware program that has some great features. Not only is it a good all-rounder for downloading any type of file, it is particularly useful for capturing streaming music and video; the program comes with the Grab++ tool which is useful for capturing this type of media. It’s user interface is intuitive to use and has file categories that helps you to organize your different media types.

3. Download Accelerator Plus

Boasting up to 400% faster download speeds than normal, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) for Windows has a good feature set, is available in 38 languages, and even comes with built-in Twitter integration. It has advanced features such as Mirroring Speed Boost which searches for the same file on multiple mirror sites to maximize download speed. It also supports pause and resume downloads which is especially useful for large files. DAP also has these handy security tools: File Shredder, Trace Cleaner, Download Security, and Private Downloads. There’s also a video previewer that lets you watch videos as they are downloading.

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