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The digital music world is full of acronyms, terms and legalities that are confusing and sometimes difficult to remember. Consult this font of information to learn what it all means and bring some clarity back into your life.
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Buying Music: Download Songs or Listen to Music Online?
Which is best: buying and downloading songs to keep, or paying a subscription to listen to music online (streaming)? If you're getting into the world of digital music, or just want to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each, then this article points out what to consider before you jump.

MP3 Player Safety Tips: Listen Safely While Using Your Portable
The MP3 player makes it possible to listen to music practically anywhere, but there are times when you should think about how you listen to music to stay safe. Listening to music as you cross a busy street for instance is an obvious danger, but there are other situations that you might not be aware of. To stay safe while listening to your iPod,...

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