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Tunebite 5 Review: A DRM Removal Tool

Tunebite 5 is an audio and video converter with a serious trick up its sleeve – DRM copy protection removal. Can it really do that? Find out in this full review of Tunebite 5

Sansa Clip+ Review: A Review of SanDisk's Clip-on MP3 Player

Sansa Clip+ review: If you're looking for a small MP3 player with lots of features, then the SanDisk Sansa Clip+ is worth a look. This iPod alternative is a clip-on portable that is great for the gym, or simply on the move. With features such as an FM radio, voice recorder, and a microSD card slot, this tiny player certainly packs a punch. Find out is this Sansa Clip+ review how it performs and if it's worth buying.

M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 Review

The M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 is a portable music keyboard that sports a range of advanced features which includes: full size synth action keys with aftertouch, a bank of 16 velocity sensitive trigger pads, and a set of controls that can be automatically assigned via HyperControl. But, how does it perform? If you are looking for a portable keyboard to make music at home or on the move, then read our full review of the Axiom AIR 25 to see if it checks all your boxes.

Sansa slotRadio Player Review: An MP3 Player That Comes With 1,000 Songs

Find out in this Sansa slotRadio Player review if SanDisk's offering, which comes with 1,000 songs, is worth the investment. As well as a MicroSD expansion slot, the slotRadio player also comes with a built-in radio and a handy clip. If you're a technophobe, or just plain lazy, then this device might be what you're looking for.

Sansa Fuze+ Review: A Budget Media Player With 'Invisible Touch' Controls

Are you looking for a budget portable MP3 player that does video as well? The Sansa Fuze+ by SanDisk is a feature-rich portable media player that comes with touch-sensitive controls -- some highend portables don't have this. With added features such as a photo viewer, FM radio, voice recorder, slotRadio / microSD card slot, and its ability to handle podcasts, this budget media player certainly packs a punch. Find out is this Sansa Fuze+ review about its features and how well it performs.

CrossDJ for iPad Review: A Pro Mixing App With Keylocking

If you're a pro DJ looking for a full-featured mixing app for the iPad, or want to start DJing using the iPad and your iTunes library, then CrossDJ could just be the app for you. Boasting a full set of features such as: 2 channel mixer, 3 band EQs, loops, BPM analysis, keylocking, real-time effects, beatgridding, and more, could this be the best DJ app on the iPad? For a full look, be sure to read our Cross DJ iPad app review.

AstoundStereo Expander Review: Listen to Your Music in 4D Surround Sound

AstoundStereo Expander review - Listen to your music in 4D surround sound using only two speakers. This audio enhancing software from GenAudio (available for the Mac and PC), takes your music listening experience to another level. If you want to find out how to improve the sound of your music, then read this review to discover if the AstoundStereo Expander is worth buying.

AstoundStereo Expander Review: Add Another Dimension to Your Computer's Sound

GenAudio AstoundStereo Expander review - Do you want to enhance your computer's sound? By using audio software rather than purchasing expensive hardware, you can immediately enhance the audio ouput of your computer. AstoundStereo Expander from GenAudio works by processing all the sound that your computer generates in real-time to produce an environment that has a wider stereo image. Find out how version 2 of Genaudio's sound enhancing software fairs in our AstoundStereo Expander review.

iRig KEYS Portable MIDI Keyboard

If you're looking for a portable MIDI keyboard that's small enough to fit in your backpack or bag, then the iRig KEYS could be the perfect choice. This MIDI controller has 37 velocity-sensitive keys and can be used with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) or PC / MAC. If you like creating digital music on the move, then find out how well this MIDI keyboard performs in our iRig KEYS full review.

Headphones Review: LSTN Wood Troubadours

Headphones made out of wood (like the LSTN Troubadours) are supposed to give a warmer sound just like a violin or guitar. If you are looking for a new pair of headphones, then read our review of LSTN's Troubadours to see how they performed in our tests.

Audials Radio Review: Free and Legal Music for Your iOS Device

Do you want radio on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? If you're searching for a free radio app that can stream thousands of Internet radio stations to your iOS device, then Audials Radio could be the answer. As well as being able to listen to countless radio stations that broadcast around the globe, this little app has some handy features for music discovery too. To find out more, read our full review of Audials Radio for iOS.

Slacker Radio Review

Slacker Radio is an online music service that you can use to listen to hundreds of compiled radio stations, or even create your own customized ones. With support for social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, you can also share your radio stations with friends and find out what they are listening to. Even though Slacker is essentially a subscription service, it offers a free basic account so that you can test drive its features before committing financially. To find out more, read this full Slacker Radio review to discover how it measures up to other Internet radio services like Pandora, Spotify, and others.

Rdio Review

Rdio is a streaming music service that boasts millions of songs on-demand that you can access from your computer, home entertainment system, or mobile device. Rdio is also a socially rich music service that supports popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and last.fm. There's also a free basic account so you can use Rdio without having to first pay up-front. To find out more, read this full Rdio review to discover how it measures up to other music services.

MP3jam Review: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Downloads

MP3jam is a music app that converts YouTube videos to MP3s. You can either stream the audio directly from YouTube music videos or download to create your own free and legal MP3 files. As well as a search facility for finding songs, artists, and albums, the MP3jam app also has a built-in music player, multi-threaded download support, and social media sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

SuperSync Review: Sync Your Music Library Between Computers

SuperSync Review - Looking for a way to easily sync your iTunes library between computers? Do you need a tool to copy music from your iPod to your computer? If you're searching for a software tool to organize your iTunes music library, then be sure to read this SuperSync Review. Even if you have multiple iTunes libraries on several computers, SuperSync enables you to keep your music library synchronized wherever you are.

Rhapsody SongMatch Review: Identify Unknown Songs Using Your Android Phone

The Rhapsody SongMatch app for Android is a music ID tool for identifying unknown songs. It does this by using the microphone on your Android phone (or other device) to analyze what is playing. It's free to download and you don't need a Rhapsody music service account. But, how does Rhapsody's SongMatch app compare to other music ID apps on the market such as Shazam and SoundHound? Read this SongMatch review to see how it fairs.

Yahoo Music Unlimited: A Review of the Yahoo Music Unlimited Service

A Yahoo Music Unlimited review which delves into the inner workings of Yahoo’s on-demand digital music service. Find out what its strengths and weaknesses are and how it compares with other digital music services on the Internet.

Quze Review: Find Free Music and Videos Online for Your iPhone

If you're looking for free iphone apps to discover new music, then Quze is worth a look. This app which is also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch uses several online resources to find music, videos, and even images. Quze also has good social networking support for sharing your discoveries and seeing what others have found. For a full look at what this free iPhone app has to offer, read the full review of Quze.

Bliss Review: Automatically Download and Organize Your Music Album Art

Is your digital music library's album art in a mess? Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to embed album art into your iTunes music collection? If so, then using a dedicated software program to manipulate album art is usually the best solution. In this review, we take a look at Bliss which can automatically download and organize your music library's album art.

Freemake Music Box Review: Find and Stream Free and Legal Music

Freemake Music Box is a standalone software application that searches the Internet for free and legal music. The songs you find are streamed to your computer rather than downloaded, and playlists can also be created in order to compile your cloud music library. Freemake Music Box also sports a built-in player so you can comfortably control the playback of songs. For more information, read this full review of Freemake Music Box.

iTunes Store Review: Download Music, Apps, and More With Apple's Online Store

Are you thinking of using the iTunes Store to buy and download songs and video for your iPhone,iPod, iPad, or other type of MP3 portable? This impartial iTunes Store review will help you decide if it meets your media download needs.

Mixed In Key Review: A Digital Music Tool for Improving Your Mixes

Are you looking for DJ software that does harmonic mixing? Mixed In Key which is used by top DJ's around the world analyzes your tracks to identify the music key they are in. Rather than just beat matching, mixing tracks harmonically is an essential technique to make your music production sound more professional. Whether you want smooth crossfading in iTunes or use a professional audio production software, read our Mixed In Key review to see if it's a tool you should use.

MyMusic Review: Create Interactive Music Magazines on Your Favorite Artists

MyMusic is a unique online service where you can view interactive music magazines, or create your own customized ones. While surfing the Web, you can use MyMusic's browser Pin It tool to collect just about any type of media (including music streams) that you find and add it to one of your personal music magazines. In this MyMusic review, we find out just what you can do with this unique service, and if there's enough scope to compile that ultimate music magazine that you've always wanted to do!

Rhapsody Review: Stream and Download Songs Practically Anywhere

Rhapsody is a subscription based digital music service that you can use to stream music just about anywhere. You can also use it as a music download service (like iTunes) too by purchasing songs in the MP3 format. However, the big question is, "Has it got the features to entice you to subscribe?" Find out more in this full Rhapsody review.

Headphones Review: Philips CitiScape Uptown Headphones with MusicSeal Technology

In this headphones review we take a look at the Philips CitiScape Uptown SHL5905 headset that tries to bridge the gap between standard and pro headphones while providing style and design inspired by several unique cities throughout the world. With high precision audio, MusicSeal technology, and built-in volume and microphone controls (for your smartphone), are these the headphones you've been looking for to fully enjoy your digital music collection.

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