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Free Thanksgiving Downloads: Free Music, Ringtones, Screensavers and Wallpapers

Free Turkey Day Downloads


Thanksgiving is the one day that we set aside to celebrate all the things we normally take for granted -- like our friends and family members. It’s also great to enjoy a meal with our loved ones with some Thanksgiving music playing in the background. There's a great choice of Thanksgiving music albums out there offered by the many digital music services, but it can be tough to find tracks that are free. This guide lists a selection of Thanksgiving freebies that you can download.

Here is a selection of free music, cellphone ringtones, ,screensavers, wallpaper, etc., to get you in the mood. Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Thanksgiving music and sound effects:

  • FreeAudioClips.com -- Most music here is in the .mid format (cell phones, computer and other compatible devices).
  • TheHolidaySpot.com -- Free Thanksgiving music that is in the .Mid audio format. This website also has a large selection of other free Thanksgiving resources which includes wallpapers, greeting cards, screensavers, party ideas, recipes, and more.


Free Thanksgiving cellphone ringtones:

  • Zedge.net - A good selection of free MP3 ringtones for your cell phone. You can stream them with the browser-embedded player, download or send via email.
  • MidiDelight.com - There are 19 ringtones on this Web site that you can either download or send to your cell phone.


Free Thanksgiving wallpapers:

  • Flash-Screen.com - An excellent set of 50 Thanksgiving wallpapers to brighten up your desktop.
  • The HolidaySpot.com - 17 free high resolution Thanksgiving wallpapers from this popular website.


Free Thanksgiving e-cards:

  • 123 Greetings.com - Lots of fun musical greeting cards that you can send to family and friends for free.


Free Thanksgiving screensavers:


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