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BeSonic Review: A Review of the BeSonic Music Website

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BeSonic Review: A Review of the BeSonic Music Website
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The Bottom Line

For artists, BeSonic is a great promotional tool to get that all important exposure. In contrast, a music listener who likes music discovery will find BeSonic a reasonably rich place to top up on new music. While there is a lot of free music to download, a fair portion of it is either streaming audio only, or has to be purchased. Some artists’ homepages are not in English which isn't a bad thing but could put some visitors off using an otherwise good site. Although BeSonic lacks choice when compared to more established websites, it offers quality music delivered through a site that is innovative and fun to use.


  • Good choice of music genres.
  • Website is intuitive and fun to use.
  • Lively music community and forum.
  • Good membership services.


  • 12,000+ tracks is considered a small collection by today’s standards.
  • Not all the music is free and some tracks can only be streamed.
  • Not all artists’ web pages are in English – this could put some people off.
  • No advanced search option on website.


  • Service type: Unlimited, pay per click, Free and Legal
  • Music library: 12,000+ tracks
  • Available music formats: MP3
  • Music Delivery: HTTP, streaming audio

Guide Review - BeSonic Review: A Review of the BeSonic Music Website

BeSonic is essentially a music social networking community. This free (mostly) and legal website has unique features like, The Cube, and Mood Radio that make the site entertaining and fun to use. BeSonic has an editorial team that regularly compiles recommendations and charts to keep you up-to-date.

Services: After registration you can gain access to additional services, which are:

  • Creation of personalized playlists.
  • A free customizable homepage.
  • Comment on the songs you hear.
  • Forums.

Website: The website is quite easy to navigate thanks to its logical design and intuitive controls. Navigational sidebars give you direct access to most of the contents of the site. A color-coded menu at the top of the screen makes choosing a genre easy by rolling your mouse over a section to dig deeper. There are a couple of unique features on the BeSonic website that are worth mentioning. The first one is, The Cube. This useful feature suggests similar tracks to listen to based on your current selection. Mood Radio is another distinctive feature that creates a playlist depending on the mood you set.

Music is a universal language but a lot of homepages on BeSonic are not in English. This is no bad thing but may put some users off from exploring the site further. If you can look beyond the language barrier there are some real gems to be discovered.

Media: The music selection is quite small compared to other similar sites but has reasonable coverage of the available genres. The music is mostly free to download or stream but some artists charge a nominal fee to download their music. The audio quality of the downloaded music and streamed audio is very good.

Music Delivery and Formats: The music is provided as MP3 if you are downloading it. You can also use streaming audio to listen to most tracks in full that are near CD quality.

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