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Myxer Review: Free Music, Ringtones, Apps, and More for Your Phone

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Myxer Website - MP3 Songs

Myxer Website - MP3 Songs

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The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a (mostly free) media service for your phone, then Myxer is worth considering. For the music fan, it offers a good array of digital audio content in the form of Songs and MP3 ringtones -- this is further enhanced with some great free tools for discovering, downloading, and organizing your digital music library. There's also a good Apps section that contains software for digital music. If you want video media, then Myxer also has videos, games, and wallpapers too. However, if you live outside the U.S., not all MP3 Songs are available, but fortunately this doesn't detract too much from an otherwise stellar service.


  • Good audio and video content for your phone.
  • Myxer MP3 Downloader software helps populate your existing iTunes or Windows Media Player library.
  • Can use Myxer's online ringtone creator with your music library.
  • Free Myxer MP3 App for BlackBerry and Android phones.


  • Restrictions on purchasing some MP3 songs outside the United States.
  • Myxer MP3 Downloader software only compatible with Microsoft Windows.


  • Service type: media content for mobile devices
  • Content delivery: mobile carrier / Internet / download via phone
  • Types of Media: MP3 Songs, ringtones, Apps, videos, wallpapers

Guide Review - Myxer Review: Free Music, Ringtones, Apps, and More for Your Phone

Website Experience
You can sign up for free and choose from one of the following account types:

  • Personal Account (media for personal use).
  • Mobile Artist (if you are an artist, band, promoter, or record label).
  • Mobile Partner: (suitable for an agency, brand, content creator).
Creating an account is straightforward. During the registration process, Myxer uses your phone number to send a verification code when you first sign up; this is a good security feature that reduces unauthorized sending of media to your phone. Myxer's website is easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface -- access to the content is quick using the interactive menu system. Overall, Myxer's website is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Getting Content From Myxer
There are three main methods which are:

  • Using Your Phone's Carrier: Myxer provides a free service, but you may want to check with your carrier first to see if they charge for message or data transfers.
  • Download to your Computer: you can download files which can then be transferred via USB cable, Bluetooth, MicroSD card, etc.
  • Download via Your Phone: You can go to m.myxer.com using your phone and sign in. Go to the 'My Stuff' folder to download straight to your mobile device.

MP3 Songs
The MP3 Songs section of Myxer provides a good choice of genres -- both free and paid-for content. However, if you live outside the United States, not all premium songs will be available to purchase due to restricted distribution rights. Myxer also provides a free tool that you can download to make adding music to your existing music library (iTunes or Windows Media Player) easy. The free program, Myxer MP3 Downloader however is currently only available for Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

Myxer MP3 App
If you've got a Blackberry or Android phone, then downloading this free digital music app will allow you to directly browse its large DRM-free digital music library. You can either choose free MP3s or purchase the latest songs and download them straight to your phone.

There's a wide selection of ringtones on Myxer. As well as popular genres, you'll also find a few entertaining sections such as: sound effects, alerts & alarms, and animals & nature. Most are free ringtones, but you can also purchase premium content via the ringtone store. There's also a handy online tool that allows you to create your own free ringtones from songs that you already own. It's a free service, but its best to check with your carrier to see if they charge for message or data transfers.

Apps and Games
The Apps section provides a large resource for downloading (mostly free) Apps and games for your phone. There's a handy set of drop-down menus to make searching more refined. Choosing the music software option for example gives you a list of all the Apps you can download and use for digital music.

If you're searching for videos for your phone then there's a decent selection. There's quite a few music videos on Myxer that can be downloaded for free.

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