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Free Christmas Music: Songs and Sounds for Christmas

Free Christmas music, songs, and sounds to download


Looking for free Christmas music can be overwhelming to say the least. There is a huge selection of Christmas music albums on offer by Digital music services, but what if you want a freebie that is legal too? Here is a selection of free Christmas music, sounds, audiobooks, and more that will suit most tastes and you can be rest assured that it is totally legal too. Merry Christmas!

1. Amazon.com (Over 90 Free Holiday Music Tracks)

If you're looking for a wide-range of Christmas songs that cover many genres, then this huge list from AmazonMP3 is a must. There are over 90 songs for the Holiday's to choose from which you can download for free -- the tracks are in the MP3 format, thus making them compatible with MP3 players, cell phones, computer and other compatible devices. Once downloaded, you can then burn these to CD, copy to flash media, sync with your portable, etc.

2. Garritan Community (8 Free Christmas Albums)

For the traditional Christmas music lover, this website is truly stunning. Every year since 2004, Garritan Libraries has offered their Christmas music compilations for free download. You can choose to download single MP3s or complete albums -- you can then burn these to CD, transfer to your MP3 / Media player, etc. The album and CD art is also provided on their website ready to download and print out. As an added bonus, you can also download the back catalog of Garritan Christmas albums that have been released in previous years.

3. Feels Like Christmas (Music, Songs, Sounds, and Audiobooks)

The folks over at Feelslikechristmas.com celebrate the festive season all-year-round, and it shows. On the website you will find traditional and contemporary music in the MP3 format. There are many different categories that you can choose such as: traditional, contempory, instrumentals, and vocals, There's also a selection of other useful Christmassy stuff like, Christmas stories as audiobooks, and sounds to download.

4. ChristmasGifts.com (Music, Songs, Lyrics E-book)

A nice collection of Christmas music that is freely distributable under the Creative Commons License. There is a mix of MP3 and midi files that can be downloaded. As an added bonus there is also an e-book that contains lots of Christmas carols to sing for all you diehards out there!

5. Soma FM (Streaming Music)

Soma FM have 23 streaming audio channels with two of them being dedicated to Christmas music. If you’re approaching burnout from all this festivity, then you can always chillout with some of the other channels instead, such as Dropzone or Space Station Soma. Highly recommended if you just want to stream music rather than download MP3s.

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