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ID3 tag Definition: How is an ID3 Tag Used in an MP3 File?



In digital music, an ID3 tag is a special area of an MP3 file that contains information useful for identifying the encoded audio. This metadata can hold information such as:

  • Artist name
  • Album title
  • Genre
  • Song title
and much more.

There are two different versions of the ID3 tag which are ID3v1 and various sub-versions of ID3v2. The advantage of using this ID system is that software and hardware devices (MP3 players, PMPs, etc.) can use the embedded metadata to display useful information to the user who can even use this to organize songs into playlists. This information can also be edited using various types of software which includes:

For more information on how an ID3 metadata container works, read our MP3 tag FAQ article.

Also Known As: mp3 metadata, ID3 headers
Alternate Spellings: MP3 tags
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