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Mobile Music Definition: What is Mobile Music?



What is Mobile Music?
The term Mobile Music generically defines digital content that can be directly sourced using a mobile device such as a smartphone (iPhone, etc.), Internet tablet, or other portable device capable of connecting to the Internet or a Wi-Fi network. In the realms of digital music, this content is either downloaded in a digital audio file format and saved in the mobile device's storage space, or streamed in real-time over a network connection. The downloading of realtones (MP3 ringtones) to a mobile device can also be thought of as mobile music due to the fact that they are sourced in the same way as songs and albums are -- realtones are simply audio clips that are often shortened versions of an original music track.

Main Ways That Mobile Music Content is Sourced
There are essentially four main ways to source mobile music content. These are:

  1. Digital Music Download Services with Mobile Support -- this type of online music service provides the facility to purchase and download digital music directly to your mobile hardware device. Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, and the iTunes Store are all examples of services that offer music downloads to mobiles.
  2. Streaming Music Services Which Offer Mobile Apps -- digital music services that cater for mobile phone platforms such as iOS, Android, etc. provide apps for mobile music streaming. Examples of services that provide this include: Rdio, MOG, Spotify, Rhapsody, and others.
  3. Online Ringtones Services -- these specialized services often provide cellphone content that you can download straight to your phone. Myxer is one such service that offers ringtones, music, apps, and other content for several mobile platforms.
  4. Cloud Storage Services -- it could be argued that Internet storage services are not true mobile music providers like the examples above. However, in certain cases they still offer the ability for you to access and stream music directly to a mobile device. Most cloud storage services that provide you with a facility to stream audio, require you to initially upload music files to online storage space. After this process is complete, you can then access your music (with the right app) via a mobile device in order to listen to it.

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