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The History of Digital Music

Have you ever wondered where and how it all started? Read on to gain a fascinating insight into a revolution that changed the way we listen to music forever.
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The History of the iTunes Store
An article about the history of the iTunes Store that details how Apple's iTunes Store became one of most successful online music services of all-time.

The History of Audio as a Timeline
This is a timeline that shows how audio technology has evolved since Thomas Alva Edison's tinfoil phonograph invention in 1877.

The History of the Compact Disc
Read this fascinating article on, what is still, the most popular digital medium.

The History of Napster
The history of Napster goes back a long way to its beginnings as a peer-to-peer file sharing network. It was one of the first digital music services on the Internet that people used for obtaining free music -- even although most of it was illegal. In this article, we'll take you through Napster's colorful history and how it rose from the ashes after it was shutdown by the RIAA.

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