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Top iPod Armbands: Listen to Digital Music on Your iPod While You Exercise

Listen to your digital music library in safety while you workout


If you regularly exercise, or just want a safe place for your iPod while on the move, then using an armband can make life so much easier. Not all iPod's like the Shuffle come with built-in clips for attaching to a pocket or sleeve, and so buying an accessory for your portable such as this is a smart choice. This will not only give you a convenient way to carry your iPod, but will also reduce the risk of damage due to impact, water, etc. Having a safe and secure place for your portable will therefore give you the confidence and peace-of-mind while you walk, run, or do your daily workout.

1. Griffin Tech. Tempo Sports Armband for iPod Shuffle 2G

Griffin Tech. Tempo Armband  - shuffle 2G
Image © Griffin Technology

Even though the iPod shuffle has a built-in clip so you can wear it almost anywhere, you can still use an armband for added protection and safety while on the move. The Griffin Tech Sports Armband is suitable for the iPod Shuffle 2G and can be adjusted to fit almost any arm size. The armband is machine washable, comes in a range of colors, and has a soft inner lining to protect against scratches.

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2. Belkin Dual Fit Sports Armband

Belkin Dual Fit Sports Armband
Image © Belkin International, Inc.

If you're looking for an all-weather armband for your iPod, then the Belkin Dual Fit Sports armband is a good performer. It is constructed from lightweight neopreene which also provides other benefits such as making the armband slim and flexible -- it is also hand-washable too. Other benefits of using the Belkin Dual Fit Sports armband include: a handy key pocket; screen protector; Adjustable velcro fastenings, and reflective material to provide safety in the dark.

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3. Navitech Water Resistant Armband Case for iPod Touch (1G/2G/3G/4G)

Navitech Water Resistant iPod Touch Armband
Image © Navitech

This water resistant armband by Navitech is suitable for the iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G/4G. This makes it an excellent option if you are going to use your iPod Touch outside and want to protect it from rain as well as impacts. The armband is designed to fit arms with a circumference of between 25-40cm (9.8-15.7 inches). It uses a thin layer of neoprene to protect your iPod Touch while also making it easy to access ports and controls on your portable. The only downside to this armband is that it isn't as flexible as it could be. Other than that, it's a good solid product that is certainly worth considering to keep your portable dry and protected -- especially if outside.

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4. Griffin Tech. iClear Case with Armband

Griffin Tech iPod armband
Image © Griffin Technology

If you've got an iPod and are looking for a robust solution to keep your portable safe, then this armband by Griffin Technology is a stellar choice. As well as the armband, there's also a polycarbonate crystal case that helps to protect your iPod from the knocks and bumps that it's likely to receive while you walk, jog, workout, etc. The iClear case provides a protective shell that you can use to see your device's screen while still giving you access to the controls. Overall, a great case for keeping your iPod safe and secure.

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