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The Apple iTunes software enables you to buy and download media online but it can do more than this. Find out how you can rip and burn CDs, make custom playlists, organize your media library and more.

How to Enable The Half-star Rating in iTunes
Normally you can only rate songs with whole stars, but this tutorial will show you a quick hack to enable half-stars. This can be useful when you want more flexibility in ratings your songs.

Find and Delete Duplicate Files in iTunes 11
Have you got duplicate songs in your iTunes library that are just hogging valuable hard drive space? If your music collection is in need of a prune, then a quick way to de-clutter it is to start by removing multiple copies of songs. To start streamlining your bloated music library, follow this short iTunes tutorial.

Best Ways to Give iTunes Credit: Give Music, Apps, Videos, and More
Are you thinking about giving iTunes credit to someone? Whether you want to buy an iTunes gift card, send a gift certificate by email, or set up an allowance for your child / family member, this article highlights the different ways you can buy credit for use on the iTunes Store.

iTunes Allowance for Kids: Stay in Control by Setting up an iTunes Credit Limit
Did you know that you can restrict how much credit kids (or another family member) can use every month on the iTunes Store? Using your existing iTunes account, you can set up an iTunes allowance for your child so they can purchase songs, apps, audiobooks, videos, and more without you having to worry about how much they are spending. You can stay in control at all times and have the flexibility to change the monthly credit, suspend it, or cancel completely. To see how to set up an iTunes allowance for your child, read this article for more information.

How To Transfer Music to iPad: Sync iTunes Songs to Your iOS Device
Have you got an iPad and want to know how to transfer music to it? The iPad can do a lot of things including being a stellar portable media player. In this tutorial we'll show you the steps needed to sync iTunes songs to your iPad.

How to Save Money in iTunes: Using the 'Complete My Album' Option
If you want to buy a music album from the iTunes Store, then did you know you could potentially save money by using the 'Complete My Album' option? If you've already got one or two songs that make up an album, then using the iTunes Store's 'Complete My Album' option could work out cheaper than buying individual songs. To see how to use this feature in the iTunes Store, follow this step-by-step guide to see how.

Tweaking the iTunes 11 Interface: Get a Similar View to Version 10
Don't like the iTunes 11 interface? Wish you could change it to look more like iTunes 10? If you are wondering where the sidebar has gone in iTunes 11, or miss viewing your song library using the column browser, then this tutorial shows you how to get all this back. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to get the old interface back again by tweaking the GUI in iTunes 11.

iTunes Song Ratings: Sort Your iTunes Songs into Star-rated Playlists
Song ratings in iTunes can be used to help find the songs you listen to the most. The star rating feature in iTunes is also a great tool for organizing your music library into playlists. You can use Smart Playlists that automatically update themselves as your library grows. This can make it easier to sort your songs by star ranking, or keep a...

Online Radio: How to Add Streaming Radio Stations to iTunes
The iTunes software media program can be used for listening to Internet radio, but what if the station you really like isn't in the list? The good news is that you can add Web radio station URLs to iTunes for practically any streaming broadcast. To find out how to add radio stations to iTunes, follow this short tutorial.

How to Backup Your iTunes Library: Copying iTunes Song Files to Local Storage
How do I backup my iTunes library you may well ask? If you are wondering how to go about this now that Apple have dropped the CD and DVD burning facility for backing up your songs, then be sure to read this tutorial. We'll show you how to copy your iTunes songs to a local storage device like an external hard drive. This way you can access your files even when there's no Internet connection for iCloud access. For more information, check out our guide on transferring your iTunes songs now!

Complete iTunes Removal for Windows 7 and Vista: Quickly Solve Persistent Errors
If your Windows 7/Vista installation of iTunes is throwing up errors and you've tried every troubleshooting tip you can find, then you might have to completely uninstall iTunes to start again. To correctly remove it, you'll also need to know what other iTunes components to remove too. To help you with this, follow this iTunes tutorial which shows you the steps needed to easily remove Apple's jukebox software program from your Windows 7 or Vista PC.

iTunes Shortcut Commands in Windows: Essential Keyboard Shortcuts in iTunes
Keyboard shortcuts in iTunes can help you to quickly perform repetitive tasks without the need to constantly click your mouse button on menus and options all the time. This is a highly efficient way of using iTunes to manage your digital music library by substantially increasing the speed of your work flow. If you want to work smarter in iTunes by using the keyboard, then be sure to read this article that shows you the essential iTunes shortcuts you should use.

iTunes Shortcut Commands For Mac: Efficiently Use iTunes From Your Keyboard
The Mac version of iTunes has a selection of shortcuts that you can use to conveniently access many of its options via your Mac keyboard without having to use the mouse. This is particularly useful when options are hidden several levels deep in menus, or you need to perform the same tasks many times. To start using your Mac keyboard in iTunes to manage your digital music library more efficiently, read this article which lists the main shortcuts to use.

Uninstalling iTunes in Windows XP: Quickly Resolve Problematic iTunes Problems
Are you having iTunes problems and need to remove it in order to start again? If you're looking for a quick way to uninstall iTunes from your Windows XP machine, then be sure to follow this step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to completely remove all the iTunes components too from your computer.

Missing iTunes Song Lyrics: How to Manually Add Song Lyrics in iTunes
Have you got missing iTunes song lyrics that you want to fix? Rather than looking for a dedicated program to add lyrics to your music tracks, you can use the iTunes software to manually add this missing metadata. For more information, read our step-by-step tutorial on how to add missing lyrics to your iTunes library.

How to Turn on iTunes Match: Setting up Your iPhone for iCloud
Have you recently subscribed to iTunes Match and now want to use it on your iPhone? If you've got music in iCloud that you want to download to your iPhone (and other iDevices), then you will first need to enable iTunes Match in order to get your songs. This iPhone tutorial will show you how to turn on this feature so that your iPhone will be able to connect to iCloud.

How To Use an iTunes Gift Certificate: Use Your Gift Credit on the iTunes Store
Have you just received an iTunes Gift Certificate and are wondering how to use it? If you're not sure how to go about redeeming your credit on the iTunes Store, or even what products you can purchase, then follow this tutorial to see how easy it really is. The steps in this article will show you how to load up your iTunes account so you can...

iTunes Purchase Problems: How to Report a Problem to iTunes Support
Have you run into an iTunes purchase problem that you'd like to report to Apple? If you've downloaded a song, movie, audiobook, or other type of digital product from the iTunes Store and have encountered a problem with it, then there's a quick and painless method via the iTunes software to get your issue sorted. To find out how to send a message...

How to Subscribe to iTunes Match: Upload Your Music to iCloud
To make it easy to store your iTunes music library in iCloud, Apple invented iTunes Match. This scan and match service can potentially save you a huge amount of upload time, but how do you set it up? In this iTunes Match tutorial, we'll show you how to get started in order to synchronize your music collection with Apple's iCloud music locker.

How To Transfer Music to iPhone: Sync Music to Your iPhone Using iTunes
Do you want to start using your iPhone to listen to music, but don't know how? By following the steps in this article, you will see how simple it is to start using your iPhone just like an iPod! We'll show you how to transfer music and playlists so you can start enjoying your iTunes library on your phone.

How To Transfer Music to iPod: Sync Music to Your iPod Using iTunes
Need to transfer music to iPod? If you've just received a new Apple iPod, or need a refresher, then this tutorial will show you how. By following this guide, you'll be able to copy songs that you have in your iTunes library so you can listen to your music while on the move.

Converting to iTunes Audiobooks: How to Add Bookmarking to iTunes Songs
Is it really possible to convert songs to iTunes audiobooks? You can fool iTunes into thinking any song is an audiobook by changing its media type. This can be useful if you want to add bookmarking to a lengthy song and want iTunes to remember its playback position. This iTunes hack is also a stellar organizational aid in quickly moving multiple...

How To Make an iTunes Account: Create a Free Apple ID to Use the iTunes Store
Do you need to find out how to make an iTunes account? If so, then the first thing you'll need to do is use the iTunes software to create a free iTunes account. This is so you can buy music, audiobooks, movies, apps, and more from the iTunes Store. Signing up is also essential if you want to download free stuff too. To start using Apple's online...

How to Create an Audiobook in iTunes From MP3s: Make Audiobooks With Chapters
Are you searching for a way to convert several MP3 files to an iTunes audiobook? Rather than having an audiobook split into multiple MP3 files, why not make it easy for yourself and create a single audiobook in iTunes? Using Apple's software media program, you can also use its bookmarking feature (similar to the M4b format) so you won't have to...

How to Deauthorize an Old iTunes Computer: Removing Dead Computers From iTunes
If you have old or dead computers associated with iTunes and have reached the authorize limit of 5, you might now be wondering how to deauthorize them? Normally the only way to remove them is to directly work on each computer in turn via the iTunes software installed on them. However, if you no longer have access to computers you once linked to...

How To Transfer iTunes Songs: Transfer Your iTunes Library to Another Location
Do you need to transfer your iTunes songs to another location? If you need to move your iTunes library because your hard drive is nearly full, or just want to relocate your songs in another folder on your computer, then this tutorial will show you how.

Top 5 Ways to Use Playlists in iTunes: Best Uses for iTunes Playlists
Looking for new ways to use iTunes playlists? Whether you want to create mixtapes from your iTunes library or want to discover how to make Smart Playlists that change when you update your music collection, be sure to read these iTunes playlist tutorials.

How To Buy iTunes Gift Certificates: Instantly Give iTunes Store Credit
Buying an iTunes gift certificate enables you to instantly give a friend or family member a set amount of credit that they can use to purchase songs, albums, apps, audiobooks, and more on the iTunes Store. You can elect to send your iTunes gift certificate either via email or even print it out to present in person.

How to Use iTunes Sound Check to Normalize Your Songs
Are you frustrated by the volume differences between songs in your iTunes library? If you find that they all play at different volumes, then using the iTunes Sound Check feature could be all that is needed to solve this common problem. This option can be configured to normalize all the digital audio tracks in your iTunes music collection without making any permanent changes to your files. To find out how to configure this cool feature, read our iTunes Sound Check tutorial that shows you how in 4 easy steps.

How to Delete Songs in Your iTunes Library
Do you need to find out how to manually delete iTunes songs? Is your music library overloaded and full of songs you don't listen to? If your music collection needs tidying up, then why not optimize your iTunes library by removing songs that you don't listen to anymore. You may also want to free up hard drive space by backing up the songs before deleting them. Follow this iTunes tutorial to find out now.

iTunes Updates: How to Manually Check for Updates Using iTunes
Did you know that you can force iTunes to search for updates rather than having to wait? If you need to manually check for any updates, then this iTunes tutorial will show you how. We'll also demonstrate an alternative way to update iTunes if you are having problems with Apple's popular jukebox software.

How to Transfer iTunes Library to New Computer: Move iTunes Library
Do you want to find out how to play your iTunes songs on another computer? If you've still got DRM protected iTunes songs then you will first have to authorize other computers before being able to play them. This iTunes tutorial will show you how to easily authorize multiple computers using the iTunes software.

How to Make a Custom iTunes Radio Playlist
iTunes has the facility to access thousands of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet as streaming music. This tutorial will show you how to make an Internet radio playlist using the iTunes software to listen to free streaming music 24/7!

How To Redeem iTunes Gift Cards: Use iTunes Gift Cards for Songs, Apps, and More
Would you like to know how to redeem iTunes gift cards? If you've got one that you'd like to use in order to purchase music for instance, then this quick tutorial will show you how. If you're wondering what you can do with an iTunes voucher, or even how to use it on Apple's online store, then read on to see how easy it is to redeem your iTunes...

How To Automatically Skip Songs in an iTunes Playlist
Are you looking for a way to automatically skip songs in your iTunes playlists? If you've got songs in a particular playlist that you don't want to play, i.e. skip, then rather than removing them from the list, iTunes provides an easy way to automatically skip individual tracks. Find out how to easily accomplish this simple task by reading this...

Add Missing iTunes Album Art: Download Artwork For Your iTunes Music Library
Are you missing album art in your iTunes library? If you've added music to your iTunes library by ripping a CD, or importing MP3 files then you'll probably have songs that need artwork. This short tutorial will show you how you can use the iTunes Store to download missing album art.

Use iTunes For Free Online Learning: Download Free Educational Videos
Are you looking for free educational audio and video files? Have you considered learning your chosen topic using iTunes U? If you are searching for free study material for popular subjects, then be sure to follow our quick guide on how you can use iTunes as a free learning aid.

Smart Playlists: Intelligent Playlists that automatically update
Do you want to know how to create Smart Playlists in iTunes? If you regularly update your music library, and are tired of constantly editing your normal playlists, then creating a Smart Playlist will save you a lot of time when playing, burning, and syncing your music with your MP3 player.

How to restore songs in iTunes: restore an iTunes backup
Using this iTunes tutorial, discover how to restore your songs from a backup disc. There are times when you'll need to restore your iTunes songs after they have either been accidentally deleted, corrupted, or wiped by virus infection etc. Find out how to easily get your iTunes music back by following this step-by-step guide on how to restore...

How to Crossfade Songs in iTunes: Remove Silent Gaps Between Songs
Do you want to know how to remove the gaps of silence between songs in iTunes? This iTunes tutorial will show you how to set up crossfading to enhance your listening experience. You can use crossfading on iTunes to create smooth transitions between songs without that annoying gap between each song. Listen to non-stop music by following this...

How to Backup Your iTunes Library
Backing up your iTunes library is possibly the most important thing you should do. Don’t run the risk of losing all your music – follow these simple steps to protect your investment.

How to Backup Your iTunes Library
Backing up your iTunes library is possibly the most important thing you should do. Don’t run the risk of losing all your music – follow these simple steps to protect your investment.

Create Free Ringtones Using iTunes - Make Free iPhone Ringtones
The problem with creating ringtones with the iTunes software is that you have to pay a fee even if you have purchased the whole song. This iTunes tutorial will show a way to create free ringtones using your existing music library. Why not recycle your music and make ringtones out of it.

Top 5 iTunes Tutorials – Get More Out of the iTunes Software
iTunes is one of the most popular pieces of software for digital music, and other types of media. Even though Apple’s multimedia software is mainly used for purchasing music from the iTunes Store, it can do a whole lot more. Find out what you can do with this great piece of free software.

How to Download Podcasts - Use iTunes to Get Free Radio and TV Shows
This tutorial will show you how to download free Podcasts using iTunes, and how you can subscribe to your favorite shows so you never miss an episode.

Make an MP3 CD Using iTunes
Creating an MP3 CD is a great option if you want to listen to multiple albums from one CD. This iTunes tutorial will show you how to easily make an MP3 CD to take with you on your next journey, play at a party, or listen to at home on your MP3 audio system.

iTunes Tutorial: How to Remove DRM from Your iTunes Songs
An iTunes tutorial that shows you how to remove DRM copy protection from your purchased music and convert it to the MP3 format without using any special DRM removal software.

How to Rip a CD Using iTunes
iTunes makes it easy for anyone to convert their favorite CDs into digital music files that can be played via computer or iPod. Find out how easy it is to convert your CD collection into music that you can take anywhere.

iTunes Playlists: How to Make a Custom Playlist Using iTunes
A tutorial showing you how you can make a playlist using iTunes.

How to Gift iTunes Songs: Give Single Tracks or Complete Albums
Do you want to send someone an iTunes song or album? Instead of giving a friend or family member credit to use, you can send them a specific track or complete album using the iTunes Store. This adds a more personal touch when buying for a Birthday, Anniversary, or any occasion where the person may want something in particular.

iTunes Music Gifts: How to Give a Music App
Sending an iTunes Store app as a gift to someone can sometimes be better than giving credit. For starters, it's a more personal gift, and it also shows that you've been listening to their hints! For the digital music fan, you might think that you can only gift songs and albums, but you can also choose music apps too. To find out how to gift music apps, read this step-by-step guide now.

Using iTunes Parental Controls: How to Disable Access to iTunes Store Content
Using the parental controls option in iTunes is a great way to stop your kids accessing content in the iTunes Store. Even if you don't want to completely restrict access to everything in the iTunes Store, you can disable certain areas of it. You can also filter what kids can see on the iTunes Store by using rating restrictions for movies, TV, and apps. For more on parental controls in iTunes, why not read through this short tutorial.

Disabling iTunes Auto-sync: Stop Automatic Song and App Transfers to Your iPhone
Are you looking for a way to stop iTunes automatically syncing files when plugging in your iPhone? This feature is useful for keeping the iPhone up-to-date with your latest music and app purchases, but it can be annoying when you don't always want this to happen. To find out how to quickly disable this feature, follow this iTunes syncing guide now.

Improving Sound Quality in iTunes 11 Using the Equalizer Tool
The equalizer tool in iTunes helps you to significantly improve the audio quality of your songs. Maximize your listening experience by finding out in this tutorial how to use this simple but effective option.

iTunes 11 FAQ: Where is the Button for Internet Radio Stations?
Have you upgraded to iTunes 11 and are now missing the Radio button? You may be able to access Apple's iTunes Radio, but where is the list of radio stations that were there before? To find out how to bring back this list of radio stations that broadcast over the Internet, follow the steps in this iTunes 11 frequently asked questions article.

iTunes Home Sharing: How to Listen to Your Music Library Between Computers
Use Home Sharing in iTunes 11 to make your song library available to all your networked computers.

How to Use The iTunes 11 'Up Next' Feature: Quickly Create Playlists On The Go
The Up Next feature in iTunes 11 provides a way to quickly create a live playlist. Instantly playback songs without having to create a permanent playlist.

Best Ways to Improve Sound Quality in iTunes 11
Improving sound quality in iTunes 11 isn't as difficult as you might first think. If you know where to look there are some very useful tools indeed that will instantly boost the quality of your songs. To see what can be achieved, read this guide for the lowdown.

How to Make iTunes Songs Take Up Less Space on Your iPod Touch
Reducing the size of the songs on your iPod Touch is a good way of optimizing your iPod's storage and freeing up space for other things at the same time. This tutorial shows you how to change the bitrate of songs on your iOS device without affecting the original ones in your iTunes library.

How to Rip Music CDs to ALAC in iTunes 11
The ALAC format is built into iTunes and gives you a way to perfectly rip your music CDs just like FLAC. In this tutorial we'll show you how to change the iTunes ripping options to ALAC and import a music CD into your iTunes library.

How to Change, Suspend, or Cancel an iTunes Store Allowance
Setting up an iTunes Store allowance can be useful for controlling how much your kids spend on digital music and other content on the iTunes Store. However, what if you need to change the amount you send to their accounts every month? Or want to cancel altogether? This guide shows you how to use iTunes 11 to change individual allowances including how to suspend or permanently delete ones that are no longer needed.

How to Update or Remove a Credit Card in iTunes 11
Changing or removing the credit card details linked to your iTunes account is sometimes necessary. You may for example want to change to another credit card, enter new card details, or want to completely remove all payment information (to make your iTunes account more secure). Whatever the reason, this tutorial will show you how to easily do this using the iTunes software.

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