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Online Radio: How to Add Streaming Radio Stations to iTunes

Discover how to add new radio stations to iTunes


iTunes Open Stream Feature

iTunes Feature for Adding New Radio Stations

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Manually Adding Internet Radio Streams

As well as accessing the iTunes Store, you can listen to radio streams using the iTunes application. However, sometimes the station you want to listen to won't be in its radio list. Before you can add a new Internet radio station, you will need to know its exact streaming URL -- this is the Web address of the streaming server that the radio station uses to broadcast over the Internet. To be compatible with iTunes, you also need to make sure that this Web address ends in the .pls or .m3u file extension. To get you started, you may want to visit websites such as thestreamcenter.com and streamfinder.com which have large lists of stations with their web addresses.

To start adding new Internet radio stations to iTunes, follow these steps:

  1. On the iTunes main screen, click the Advanced menu tab and then choose the Open Stream... option. You should now see a pop up screen appear with a text box that you can paste streaming Web addresses into.
  2. Switch to your browser and copy the streaming URL of a radio station you want to add. This is usually done in a browser by right clicking the hyperlink and selecting a copy function (e.g. Firefox: Copy Link Location / Internet Explorer: Copy Shortcut / Safari: Copy Link).
  3. Go back to iTunes and paste the URL you just copied into the text box. You can either right click your mouse and choose Paste from the dialog menu or use the keyboard shortcut (For PC: hold down the [CTRL key] and press [V]) or (For Mac: hold down the [Command key] and press [V].
  4. Click the OK button to add the streaming address to iTunes.
  5. To add more radio stations, simply repeat the above steps.
You'll notice that the new radio stations don't get added to the built-in iTunes list, but are saved to a playlist called, Internet Songs. You can of course rename this playlist if you want -- or even create more playlists so you can sort radio stations based on genre etc.
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