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Digital Music Formats 101

Are you confused about all the different music formats out there? Find out what the differences are, their strengths and weaknesses and how it will influence your decision when downloading music from the Internet.
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CBR and VBR Encoding FAQ: What is The Difference?
When ripping your music CDs to an audio format like MP3 or converting from one format to another, you'll often need to choose between CBR and VBR encoding. But what do these abbreviations mean? And what are the differences between the two? In this FAQ, we'll examine the differences and point out which one in our opinion you should use for...

Lossless Audio Formats: Best Codecs for Ripping and Preserving Your Audio CDs
Using a lossless format when ripping your original audio CDs ensures that you have a perfect digital copy. This can be a great backup strategy just in case your originals get damaged -- you then have the option to create another disc that is identical to the original. Storing your CDs in a lossless audio format also means that you have master versions of songs that you can then convert to common lossy formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. To see some of the best audio formats for creating perfect copies of your audio CDs, read this lossless audio format toplist for more information.

Free Text to Speech Software: Listen to eBooks by Converting them to MP3s
Do you wish you could listen to a text file on your computer rather than having to strain your eyes to read it all? Text to speech software allows you to convert various text documents into digital audio files that can be listened to on your MP3 player, car stereo, or any device that supports the playback of digital audio. Rather than using your...

How To Convert AMR to MP3: Create MP3s from AMR Files Using Free Software
If you've got AMR ringtones on your phone and want to be able to use them on other devices that aren't compatible with the AMR format, then you'll need an AMR converter to transcode to MP3 and other more popular audio formats. Many portables also store voice recordings (via the condensed microphone) as AMR files for optimized storage. Again,...

How to Convert Midi to MP3: Convert Midi Files to MP3s Using Free Software
If you are looking for a way to convert midi files to MP3s, then this quick guide will show you how. Many sites on the Internet, still offer thousands of free midi songs to download which are in the .mid format, but these aren't compatible with most (if not all) MP3 players. This tutorial will show you how to transform your favorite midi songs into MP3s.

Improving MP3 Sound Quality: Factors to Consider When Listening to MP3 Music
If you've amassed a collection of digital music then you'll probably be wondering what factors can influence your listening experience. This guide will briefly explain the areas of digital music that you should concentrate on in order to get the best out of your MP3 music collection.

How to Use Winamp to Convert Between Audio Formats
Winamp is a stellar music and video player that is not only a good alternative to Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc., but also doubles as a decent audio file converter.

How to Convert Audio Formats Using iTunes
If you use iTunes for your music, did you know it makes a great audio format converter? Find out in this iTunes tutorial how to convert between AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, and WAV using iTunes 7+.

Factors to Consider Before Converting to MP3
Before creating MP3 files, it is wise to consider what encoding settings you need to apply for optimal results.

A Comparison of AAC vs. MP3
A look at the difference between AAC and MP3 and what is the best for ripping CDs.

Lossy vs. Lossless Compression
Audio compression is used to make files smaller, but what is the difference between lossy and lossless?

Common Digital Audio Formats
Popular digital audio formats used for audio and music playback.

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Music Videos for Playing Offline
Do you need to watch YouTube videos offline? Are you searching for ways to download YouTube music videos and convert them to either MP3 or MP4? There are several methods you can use to convert YouTube videos into either audio only files (suitable for MP3 players etc.) or video formats that portables like smartphones and tablets can handle. To see some of the best ways for creating media files from YouTube, this guide highlights a few solutions.

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