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Organizing Your Music Library

Taking the time to organize and backup your digital music is something that you should do on a regular basis. Maintaining your music library is essential housekeeping that will not only make it easier for you to locate your music, but will also ensure you have a disaster recovery plan that protects your investment.
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Top 4 Ways to Backup Digital Music: Best Storage Solutions
If you currently store all of your digital music on your computer or portable, and haven't backed it up on to some kind of external storage device, then you run the risk of loosing it. A large collection of digital music can be expensive to replace and so correctly backing it up is essential. This guide shows you the best ways to backup your...

3 Ways to Organize Your MP3 Music Collection
Very often your digital music library contains a random collection of files that could be optimized, and organized better. This article will show you some of the ways that you can manipulate your music library to improve it.

Converting Audio Cassettes to MP3: Setting up to Digitize Your Audio Tapes
Have you got some old music tapes that you'd like to transfer to your computer as MP3s? If so then the first thing you'll need to ensure is that you've got all the equipment necessary to make it happen! In this primer on digitizing audio from cassettes tapes, we'll take you through the initial steps necessary in identifying the components you'll...

Top Album Art Websites: Best Places on the Net for Downloading CD Artwork
Are you looking for hard-to-find album art for your digital music library? Software media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player don't always find the CD cover art you are looking for and so you'll need to search for this manually. Not all sites on the Internet are easy to use or provide a wide selection of music artwork -- some sites can also contain low quality images. To help you seek out some of the best resources to use on the Internet, we've compiled a list of stellar websites that have huge album art libraries and are easy to use too.

Bliss Review: Automatically Download and Organize Your Music Album Art
Is your digital music library's album art in a mess? Are you looking for a quick and efficient way to embed album art into your iTunes music collection? If so, then using a dedicated software program to manipulate album art is usually the best solution. In this review, we take a look at Bliss which can automatically download and organize your...

Free Music Catalog Software: Index your songs to Find Them Fast
If you archive your digital music to CD, DVD, or other types of storage, then it can be really frustrating trying to find a particular song. Even though software media players make it easy to locate songs within a scanned library, this doesn't cover archived music that can be in various locations. Find out about some of the best free cataloging...

iPod 2 iPod
A program that manages music files between 2 or more iPods.

MP3tunes Music Locker
Create your own music locker and store your digital music for safe keeping. You can also create playlists and stream your music from the Internet.

How to Use Amazon Cloud Drive Like an External Hard Disk
Wish you could use Amazon Cloud Drive like an external hard disk? If you use online storage to backup your digital music collection or other types of important files, then this tutorial will demonstrate how to integrate Amazon's Cloud Drive into your desktop so it acts just like a real Windows folder.

Musicbrainz Picard Tagger
Picard Tagger is an ID3 tagger that enables tagging of whole albums rather than on a per track basis.

Top 3 Duplicate File Finders - Free Duplicate Music File Cleaners
One of the problems with having a large music collection is that you invariably have duplicates too. Tying to find duplicate files manually is impractical and so the use of software to eliminate unwanted files is necessary. This article covers free software that you can use to whip your music library back into shape so it doesn't have any 'clones'.

Free Database Software For Media Files - Best Free Cataloging Programs For Music
Do you use an awesome free cataloging software program for indexing your digital music or other types of files? If so, and it's not on our list, then why not be the first to suggest it by adding it to our reader's toplist?

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