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Top 3 Duplicate File Finders - Free Duplicate Music File Cleaners

Whip your music library back into shape by using a duplicate music file finder.


One of the problems with having a large music collection is that you invariably have duplicates too. Tying to find duplicate files by listening to your entire music library is impractical and so your likely to give up even before you've got halfway. A more logical approach is to use a software tool to do the hard work for you. Duplicate file finders are great to use in this situation for cleaning up your music library and reclaiming lost hard disk space. The following software tools have been specifically chosen to help you in tidying up your digital music collection.

1. Duplicate Music Files Finder

This program for Windows uses various techniques to find duplicate music files. It compares music files by searching for matching filenames, MP3 tags, CRC checksums, and file sizes. Duplicate Music Files Finder also comes with a built-in set of tools for managing your music files; for example, you can rename badly formatted music files, and play duplicate files to check them before deletion.

2. Duplicate Cleaner

This free duplicate file scanner for the Windows Platform has the facility to deep scan various music formats such as: MP3, M4A, M4P, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE, and more. It's interface is intuitive to use and it has a good range of options to fine-tune your search; the selection assistant is particularly useful for quickly marking files for deletion based on your criteria. You can also use Duplicate Cleaner for your digital photo library; there's a nice feature to view an image by right-clicking the duplicate. To summarize, Duplicate Cleaner is a great all-rounder with impressive audio format compatibility.

3. Similarity

Similarity is a stellar freeware program for searching for duplicate music files. It uses advanced algorithms that compares audio files based on sound content rather than binary patterns; Similarity also looks at MP3 tags and has an experiential mode for deep scanning. The program is compatible with a whole range of lossy and lossless audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, ASF, APE, MPC, and others. Overall, a very good software program geared towards finding duplicate music files.

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