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MyMusic Review: Create Interactive Music Magazines on Your Favorite Artists

Collect music-based content on the Web to create your own virtual magazines

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Introduction to MyMusic

You may already use a selection of online music services to listen to songs by your favorite artists and bands, but what if you want more than just audio content? Some services provide additional information such as biographies, images, etc., about your chosen artist, but it's seldom customizable or presented in the way you would ideally like.

MyMusic tries to fill this gap in content diversity by making it possible for you create your very own interactive music magazines that can contain just about any type of digital media (including music streams). The content can be grabbed from the Internet and pinned directly into your virtual magazine (with the aid of a browser tool). This gives you the ultimate in flexibility when wanting the right sort of content all in one place for your chosen artist.

MyMusic is a pretty unique service if you're a digital music fan who wants to compile music magazines, but has it got enough tools to enable you to use it as your central music hub?

The Lowdown


  • Easily create customizable music magazines based on your favorite artists and bands.
  • Good set of aggregated results displayed after searching for an artist.
  • Your own music space for keeping artist-related content in one place (i.e. - music videos, audio streams, images, articles, etc.)
  • Good level of social networking built into MyMusic -- Facebook, Twitter, and email.


  • Search feature doesn't allow you to directly create magazines based on genres, etc.
  • Can't edit titles and descriptions of pinned information once added to a magazine.
  • No help section or FAQs on MyMusic website.
  • No mobile apps available at present.

Custom Magazines

Once you have signed up for a free account using MyMusic's short form (or using the Facebook / Twitter option), you can start to create your own customizable music magazines -- or view ones that have already been done by others. The idea of using MyMusic is that you can use virtual spaces to build up hubs of music-oriented content for the artists that you're really in to. You can also share this content via popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter -- there's also an option for email too.

We searched for quite a few artists and were impressed overall with the diversity of the content. Depending on the artist you search for and therefore the results, the media you can pin into your own magazine can range from a biography, image, or article, all the way to streaming music tracks/albums, lyrics, dedicated artist radio stations, etc.

Overall, creating your own custom magazines is easy, but there are some let-downs. Firstly, there's no facility to edit titles and descriptions for the individual components that make up your magazine once they are in place. Secondly, there's no way to customize the layout of your magazine or move parts of it around as you would when publishing a magazine. On the digital music streaming front, MyMusic only has Spotify integrated into its service at the time of writing. So, you'll need to manually source music streams from elsewhere on the Web if you want more.

Adding Content From the Web

Using MyMusic's Pin It tool, you can add content directly to one of your magazines while surfing the Web. Clicking the Pin It! button on MyMusic's main page (or the menu bar at the top of the screen) enables you to drag and drop a Javascript tool into your browser's bookmark toolbar.

We tested this feature out on a number of websites and successfully added content ranging from articles all the way to streaming music content from services like Grooveshark and the Internet radio site, Live365.

This tool is a great addition to your browser and makes compiling your artist-specific magazines quick and easy.


MyMusic is a unique music-based service that has an holistic approach when it comes to enjoying digital music -- it's not just about the listening. Being able to create your own customized magazines gives you the ability to collect different types of content on the Web and access it from one place. You can add music streams, videos, images, articles, and other types of digital media to create you very own artist or band magazine.

Once you've created your magazines (or found one that has already been compiled by another user), you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, or email. However, there are a few downsides to how MyMusic works. You can't for instance change the layout of your magazine or edit titles and descriptions of content pieces once they are in place. Searching is also restricted to just artists and bands -- you can't directly search and create a magazine based on a genre for example.

That said, MyMusic is still a useful resource if you want a way of centralizing all the important bits of content about your favorite artists and bands that are often scattered around on the Web.

Disclosure: The company provided free access to this service for review purposes. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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