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OurStage Review: A Free Music Service Where You Get to Be Judge

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The Bottom Line

OurStage is an online music community that uses a fusion of technologies to bring together fans, artists, and industry professionals. For the music fan looking to discover new music, there are over 50 genres to choose from and a smart interface, called 'thumbing' that can be used to fine-tune future recommendations. There is however no forum which would have enriched the site further by enabling users to debate on various topics etc. A great feature of OurStage is the judging engine which allows you to vote on songs and videos that do battle with each other for prizes. Overall, a great site worth visiting.


  • A great resource for music discovery
  • Over 50 genres to choose from
  • Website is intuitive, well designed, and feature-rich
  • Excellent voting system includes head-to-head battles!


  • No community forum
  • Local show and venue information only for the United States


  • Service type: Unlimited, Free
  • Music Delivery: Streaming audio, MP3 Downloads (purchased tracks)
  • Music library: Over 50 genres
  • Music upload formats: MP3,WAV,OGG, M4a / Maximum duration: 15 minutes

Guide Review - OurStage Review: A Free Music Service Where You Get to Be Judge

OurStage is a highly-polished free music service that gives its community members the freedom to vote on which bands and artists they like the most. Every month, the top talent in each channel gets a reward of $100, and a grand prize of $5000 is awarded to the band or artist who gets the most votes in the finals. As a fan you'll get rewarded by a large selection of free streaming music while artists get a great platform to reach out to the masses and even generate much needed income via prizes and purchased tracks. For each track sold, OurStage gives its artists a generous 80 percent of the purchase price.

Services: Registering as a fan will enable you to discover new music and use the voting facilities to help promote your favorite artists. The benefits are:

  • Judge bands and artists, head-to-head or in sort order
  • Custom design your own profile page
  • Create playlists
  • Join artist fan clubs, comment on songs, and buy tracks
  • View regularly updated charts

Website: OurStage has designed a professional-looking website that fortunately is as good to use as it looks. The intuitive interface is easy to get to grips with and makes navigating to the various sections efficient.

Judging: This is what makes OurStage so much fun to use. You can set the voting mode to 'sort 4 judging' or 'head-to-head'. In sort 4 judging, you listen to 4 tracks for at least 15 seconds each. By using your mouse, you can drag-and-drop each track in order of preference before registering your vote. In head-to-head mode, two artists are displayed on screen where you can decide which one you prefer by using a swing-o-meter type interface.

Media Content: There is a large selection of tracks to listen to covering 50+ music genres. A small music video section is also available.

Music Delivery and Quality: The streaming audio is of excellent quality.

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