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Digital Music Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how to convert one music format to another or what software you need to rip a CD? These questions and many more are answered in step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly what to do.
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Streaming Music Basics: How to Listen Using Your Computer
Are you new to the world of streaming music and want to find out how to listen to it using your computer? If you're not sure how to begin streaming music from the Internet, or want pointers on the options available, then this guide shows you the basics in order to quickly get going.

Amazon Cloud Player Tutorial: Using the Amazon Music Importer
Are you looking to upload your MP3 music to Amazon's Cloud Player service? If you want to start streaming your music library by importing your collection to the online Amazon MP3 player, then this tutorial will show you how. You'll discover how to download and setup the Amazon Importer software so you can store your music online. To find out...

VLC Player Tutorial: How to Convert Video Files to MP3s
Do you use VLC Player for videos and wish you could convert the sound you hear to MP3? Well you can! It's not that obvious, but hidden within VLC Player's interface is the facility to extract the audio from a video and encode it to various popular audio formats -- like MP3. To see how this is done, read this guide which shows step-by-step how to...

VLC Player Tutorial: How to Stream Radio Stations
Are you missing the ShoutCast feature in VLC Media Player? This function has been dropped from this popular software media player, but you can still listen to hundreds of Internet radio stations when you know where to look. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to configure VLC Media Player in order to access Web radio streams via IceCast servers.

How to Sign up to Facebook: Use Facebook for Online Music Services
Do you want to use Facebook for music, but don't know where to begin? If you're not sure how to get started and don't have a Facebook account yet in order to use some of the best online music services like Spotify, MOG, Slacker Radio, and others, then this tutorial article will show you how. Learn how to register for a free account so you can...

How To Restore Songs That Have Been Deleted: Recover Files From a Memory Card
Have you lost files on your memory card? If you need to restore songs for example that have been deleted on your MP3 player's memory card, then be sure to read this tutorial. Many portable devices these days sport a flash memory expansion slot that you can use for boosting the capacity of your player. MicroSD and SD cards are two popular types...

Essential Digital Music Tutorials
If you're new to the world of digital music, then having a helping hand to guide you will make the learning process so much more fun. Take a look at these essential digital music tutorials and learn how easy it is.

Has Your iPod Got Wet? Tips on Fixing a Wet iPod, iPhone, or MP3 Player
Have you accidentally subjected your trusty iPod or other type of MP3 player to water? Before you try to revive your water damaged portable, be sure to follow this guide. We'll show you tips on how to rescue your wet MP3 player in order to give it the best chance of surviving. Above all, don't turn it on until you have read this article.

4 Alternative Ways to Get Free Ringtones: Sourcing Free Ringtones
Are you looking for alternative ways to get free ringtones for your phone? This quick tips article shows you some of the best ways to furnish your phone with free and legal ringtones. We'll show you where to download free and legal mp3s, and even what software and tools to use in order to create your own from your existing MP3 library.

How To Remove Duplicate Songs - Use Duplicate Cleaner to Delete Multiple Copies
Have you got duplicate songs in your music library that you want to delete the easy way? Instead of manually going through your music collection trying to remember if the next song in the list is a clone, why not use a duplicate file finding program? This digital music tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to remove space-hogging replicas to streamline your music library.

How to Repair MP3 Files: Quickly Fix Errors in Your MP3 Library
Are you looking for a way to repair your damaged MP3 files? If you've got an MP3 file that refuses to play then you may be able to recover it using an MP3 repair tool. By reading this MP3 tutorial, you'll be able to easily fix the MP3 songs in your library that you would have probably deleted.

How to Check MP3 Files For Errors: Scan Your MP3s For Problems
Are you looking for a way to check your MP3 files for errors? This article will show you how to use free software to quickly validate your music files. By reading this digital music tutorial, you'll be able to quickly see if the MP3 files in your music library are good or bad.

Troubleshooting Sync Problems: Solve Sync Center Conflicts With Your Portable
Are you suffering sync conflicts in Windows Sync Center? If you use this built-in tool to transfer music, videos, or other types of media files to your MP3 / media player, then this problem can stop you from keeping your media files up-to-date. This troubleshooting guide will show you the steps to take in order to solve those annoying sync...

My Digital Music Disaster - How I Lost My Music Files
Have you ever lost all your music files? Do you have a story to tell that you'd like to share that could help others avoid the same mistakes, or even help them to recover their lost files? If so, then this is your chance to tell the world about your digital music disaster. See submissions

How to Make Your MP3 Player Play Songs in Order
Are you having problems trying to get your MP3 player to play songs in the right order? If your MP3 player uses a flash storage card and refuses to play its tracks in alphabetical order, then this short tutorial will show one way to quickly solve this problem.

How to Normalize MP3 Files – Play Your MP3 Songs At The Same Volume
Do you find yourself adjusting the volume level on your iPod, or MP3 player every time a different music track plays? This MP3 tutorial will show you how to normalize your MP3 files so they all play at the same volume level.

How to Mass Edit ID3 Tags Using TigoTago
Editing metadata for MP3 (ID3 tags), WMA, and other media formats can be very time consuming. This TigoTago tutorial will show you how to batch edit meta information easily, saving yourself lots of time.

Create Free Ringtones: Use Audacity to Make Ringtones From Your Music Library
Are you searching for free ringtones? If you're frustrated by not being able to find and download free ringtones for your cell phone, then why not make your own? By using your existing MP3 music library, you'll be able to make as many custom ringtones as you like for free.

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