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How To Convert WAV to MP3: Save Storage Space by Compressing WAV files to MP3s


Although the WAV file format (short for Waveform audio) gives you maximum audio quality, file sizes can be huge. This is because the audio stored in WAV files is normally uncompressed. This is great if you are a professional user who requires the highest audio quality possible, but it can be a real hard drive space hog for the typical user. If you intend on transferring music to CD, DVD, MP3 player, etc., then you'll need to convert your WAV files. In this tutorial, we're going to use Free MP3 WMA Converter (Windows) to show you how to convert WAV files to MP3s with ease.

For Mac OSX users, try ALL2MP3.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: setup time – 2 minutes / Audio conversion time – dependent on file size and CPU speed.

Here's How:

  1. Free MP3 WMA Converter Installation Notes: During installation, you can choose not to install the Dealio toolbar. Doing this won't stop Free MP3 WMA Converter being installed. You may also want to disable the setting to make Yahoo! your default search engine by deselecting this option during installation as well.

  2. Choosing a File to Convert: Click the green + sign on the top right-hand side of the screen. Navigate to where your WAV file is stored, highlight it using your mouse and then click the Open button to add it to the list. To choose all files in a folder use the Windows keyboard shortcut: [CTRL]+[A] keys.

  3. Setting the Format Parameters: To set the format parameters, click the ... button next to this option to access the encoder options screen. If you aren't familiar with the technicalities of encoding audio, click the Preset menu tab and choose a setting that most closely relates to the audio you are converting. For example, for the quality settings to be adjusted to CD, Click the radio button next to CD. Click OK when done.

  4. Converting a WAV file to MP3: To start the process of converting your WAV files to MP3s, click on Convert!.

What You Need

  • Free MP3 WAV Converter software program
  • WAV audio files
  • Free hard drive space for converted MP3 files

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