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How To Create a Multisession Disc: Burn a CD or DVD More Than Once


If your preferred storage medium is the good old CD or DVD, and you regularly burn music files, then creating a multisession disc is a must. A multisession disc enables you to burn data to the same disc in more than one writing session. If you have space after a writing session, you can write more files at a later date by using a multisession disc.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Disc creation time - 5 minutes max.

Here's How:

  1. Downloading and Running CDBurnerXP

    For this tutorial we are going to use the free CD/DVD burning program, CDBurnerXP, to create a multisession CD. To download the latest version, you can download it from the CDBurnerXP Website. Once you have downloaded it, install and run it.

  2. Adding Files to Your Compilation

    With CDBurnerXP you can either create a multisession CD or DVD. Choose the Data Disc menu option and click OK. Using the program's built-in file browser, drag and drop folders and files that you want written to disc into the lower compilation window. Alternatively, select the files you want and click on the Add button.

  3. Creating a Multisession Disc

    To start burning your multisession disc, click the Disc menu tab at the top of the screen and select the Burn Disc menu option. As a shortcut alternative, you can also click on the Burn The Existing Compilation toolbar icon (disc with green check). To create a multisession disc, you need to click on the Leave Disc Open option. After you have clicked on this, the compilation will then be written to disc. When the burning process has completed, click OK, followed by Close.

  4. Adding More Files to Your Disc

    When you need to add more files to your multisession disc at a later date, simply choose the Data Disc option as in step 1 and then click on Continue Disc in order to add, delete, or write updated files to your media.

What You Need

  • CDBurnerXP program
  • Digital audio files
  • Blank CD or DVD disc
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