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iTunes Streaming Music: Listen to Internet Radio Using iTunes


Creating iTunes Radio Playlists

Internet Radio Stations in iTunes

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Even though Apple's iTunes software is mainly used for purchasing music (iTunes Store), creating playlists, ripping CDs, syncing with the iPod, iPhone, or iPad, it also provides a huge pool of Internet radio stations (not to be confused with iRadio) that you can listen to for free. With thousands of streaming music channels on tap, there's enough choice to cater for practically any taste. This tutorial will show you how to set up a playlist that you can add your favorite radio stations to so you don't have to waste time searching through thousands of stations for the music you want.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Playlist Setup – approx 1 minute per radio station added.

Here's How:

  1. Creating a Playlist

    In order to create a list of your favorite radio stations, you first need to create a blank playlist in iTunes. To do this, Click File > New Playlist and type in a name for it. For a more in-depth look at this process, you may want to first read the tutorial on Creating iTunes Playlists (steps 1 to 3) before proceeding to the next step. Keep in mind for this tutorial that instead of adding music tracks, we are going to add radio stations which of course cannot be synced to your iPod/iPhone.

  2. Adding Radio Stations

    To start adding radio stations to your blank playlist, click on the Radio menu item in the left pane (underneath Library). A list of categories will be displayed with a triangle next to each one; clicking on one will display the contents of a category. Click on a triangle next to a genre of your choice to see what radio stations are available. Double-click a radio station to begin listening to it and drag and drop it to your playlist if you like it. Keep doing this for as many stations as you want before going to the next step.

  3. Checking and Using Your Radio Station Playlist

    In the last step of this tutorial, click on your newly created playlist in the left pane of your screen (underneath Playlists) to check that all the radio stations you dragged and dropped are in the list. To start using your custom playlist, click on the play button at the top of the screen. Now you'll be able to listen to an almost unlimited supply of free music - 24/7!

What You Need

  • Apple iTunes Software 7+
  • Internet connection
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