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How to Sign up to Facebook: Use Facebook for Online Music Services

Access digital music services and share your discoveries using Facebook


Facebook Music

Facebook Music

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Why do I need a Facebook Account for Digital Music?
There are a growing number of online music services now that are integrating their platforms into the world's top social networking site, Facebook. Some music services even require that you have an existing Facebook account in order to sign up with them -- Turntable.fm and Spotify are two such examples that can only be used if you have a Facebook account. If you don't, then you won't be able to see what they offer.

Having a Facebook account is also useful for broadening your musical horizons too. You can leverage the power of a social music networking platforms such as Facebook by connecting with other people in order to share your music discoveries and find out what other people are listening to. Facebook is also great to use if you want to find your long lost friends who might be on there and enjoying a lot of digital music already!

How to create a Facebook Account
The first thing you will need to do is create a Facebook account and set up your own personal profile. This is so that your friends (and anyone else on Facebook) can find you and vice-versa. Having a Facebook account will also give you access to all the tools you will need for sharing your thoughts, photos, videos, and interesting websites you have discovered while surfing the Web -- but especially digital music of course!

Fortunately, creating an account is very straightforward and should only take around ten minutes to complete. There are two stages in the sign up process. The first part asks you to enter the sort of basic information that other services normally ask for, like your name, email address, password, etc. The second stage of the registering process is optional, and you don't have to complete it in order to get started. To create a Facebook account, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Web browser that you usually use for surfing the Internet.
  2. Type: https://www.facebook.com into its address bar and press the [Enter] key on your keyboard. *Note*: ensure that you type the "https://" part at the beginning of the above web address to make sure your connection to Facebook is secure.
  3. After performing the above stage, you should now see Facebook’s welcome screen appear. On this screen, you should also see the sign up form on the right-hand side of the screen where you'll be entering all the information required to create a new Facebook account.
  4. Start by entering your name in the First Name and Surname text boxes. If you are a married lady wanting to link up with old school friends as well as use Facebook for music, then consider including your maiden name (in brackets like this) after your married name in the Surname text box -- i.e. Married Name (Maiden Name).
  5. Next, type in your email address in the Your Email address text box and then enter it again in the Re-enter Email address field. *Note:* be sure to provide a working email address in order to be able to activate your account properly – you can use a Web based email address (like Windows Live, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) for this if you don't want to use your personal or work one.
  6. Now, think of a strong password which is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters like: !, *, $, etc. It must be one you can remember because you will need to enter it every time you log in to Facebook, but make sure it is also one that can't be guessed easily. Once you have come up with a good one, type this into the New Password text box.
  7. Finally, choose your gender using the drop-down menu next to the I Am option and then do the same thing for your Birthday using the Month, Day, and Year drop-down menus.
  8. Before you register a new Facebook account, quickly check through all the information that you have entered to make sure there are no mistakes -- especially in the email address fields. If everything looks good, click the green Sign Up button.
  9. A security verification screen should now appear. Type in the words you see on-screen, read Facebook’s terms of use and privacy policy, and then click Sign Up once more.
  10. As previously mentioned, there is an optional stage in the sign up process that is designed to help you find friends that may already be on Facebook. However, if you just want to quickly create an account to get started, you don't need to do this -- click the Skip This Step button in this case.
  11. On the next screen (Fill in your Profile info), you can either enter your profile details, or do this later by clicking the Skip button.
  12. Finally, on the last screen which is also optional, you can just click Skip once more.

Activating Your Facebook Account
In order to start using your newly created Facebook account for music services like Slacker Radio, MOG, Pandora Radio, and others, you will need to go through the email verification process to activate it. This simply involves checking your email and clicking on a special link that Facebook provides. To do this:

  1. Check the email account you provided during the sign up process to see if a message has been sent from Facebook.
  2. If you see a message asking you to activate your account, click on the link that is displayed. After doing this, you should see a message on-screen verifying that you have successfully activated your account.
  3. In the event that Facebook asks for an activation code, then this is also is the message that has been sent to you, although this isn't always needed.

Checking Your Facebook Account
Finally, to make sure you can log into your new Facebook account, do the following:

  1. First sign out of Facebook by clicking the Account button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting Log out.
  2. To sign in, type in the email address you used to create your Facebook account, followed by your password, and click the Log in button.

You should now see the ‘Welcome to Facebook’ screen as before. Congratulations! You can now use your account for the many digital music services already on Facebook!

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