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How to Normalize MP3 Files – Play Your MP3 Songs At The Same Volume


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Normalizing Your Music Tracks
MP3Gain - Normalize MP3
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The final step in this tutorial is to normalize the selected files and check them via playback. Just as in the previous analysis step, there are two modes for applying the normalization.

  • Track Gain: For a selection of unrelated MP3 files, Click on the Track Gain icon to correct all the files in the queue; this mode is based on the target volume in track mode.
  • Album Gain: If you've got an album to correct, then click on the down arrow button next to the Track Gain icon and select the Album Gain menu item. This mode will normalize all the tracks in the album based on the target volume but will maintain the volume differences between each track as they were in the original album. Click the Album Gain button to begin correcting all files.
After MP3Gain has finished you will now see that all the files in the list have been normalized. Finally, to do a sound check you can click the File menu tab > Select All Files (CTRL+A)> right- click anywhere on the highlighted files and choose PlayMP3 File from the pop-up menu to launch your default media player. If you find that you still need to tweak the sound levels of your songs then you can repeat the tutorial using a different target volume.
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