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TigoTago Tutorial: How to Mass-Edit ID3 Tags


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Using an online CDDB to import ID3 tag information
TigoTago Tutorial: How to Mass-Edit ID3 Tags
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A CDDB (CD Database) is an online resource that is used by TigoTago to lookup CD album information and automatically import it into the various meta-tags (artist, song title, album, etc.) contained in a file. This one step alone can save you a huge amount of time when compared to manually editing each file one-by-one.

TigoTago uses three online CD database resources (FreeDB.org, Discogs.com, and MusicBrainz.org) to lookup CD album information. To automatically fill in metadata for an album using MusicBrainz.org, just click the MusicBrainz.org icon in the toolbar (musical note) and type in the name of the artist and album. From the results list that appears, highlight an entry and click OK. Finally, a summary screen will list the tracks on the album, album title, artist, and year – click OK if you are happy to import the information.

At this point none of the information will have been written to the files on the hard drive to give you the chance to modify any tag if necessary. To write the new metadata information to disk, click on the Save All icon (blue multiple disk image).

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