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Essential Digital Music Tutorials


If you're new to the world of digital music then having a helping hand to guide you through the learning process will make your life so much easier. Here you will find digital music lessons on format conversion, CD ripping, editing id3 tags, ipod tutorials and many more digital music topics. Take a look at the following digital music tutorials and learn how easy it really is.

1. How to Rip a CD

Ripping your favorite CDs is a great way to build up your digital music library. Find out how to do it using iTunes by following this simple tutorial.

2. Making Custom Playlists

If you haven’t made a custom playlist with iTunes yet then you’re missing a great way to generate your own music compilations. Playlists make it easy to organize your music and they can be shared with others.

3. How to Convert WMA to MP3

You’ve just found out that your MP3 player doesn’t play WMA files, but the music on your computer is nothing but WMAs! Follow this tutorial on how you can convert your WMA files into ultra-compatible MP3s using the free MediaMonkey software.

4. How to Edit ID3 Tags

ID3 tags are stored in digital music files and are used by music players to display information to the user. Data such as, title, artist, genre and track number is stored in the file which you can create and edit; check out this TigoTago tutorial on manipulating ID3 metadata easily.

5. Burning Music to CD

It's always a good idea to backup your digital music by burning to CD. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to start archiving just in case your hard drive decides to go south.

6. Setting up Your New iPod

Your shiny new iPod needs setting up before you can start listening to music, and wading through the user manual for the basics can sometimes be a pain. Why not read this digital music tutorial that cuts to the bone.

7. Downloading Music on the Internet

Take your first steps in the digital music world by reading this basic tutorial on how to start buying and downloading digital music on the Internet.

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