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Winamp is a very popular media player that is on a par with Microsoft's Windows Media Player and Apple's iTunes. It can be used for managing your media collection, listening to Internet radio, ripping and burning CDs, syncing your portable media player, and a whole lot more. There are also thousands of skins and plugins available for you to download which makes Winamp very customizable.

How to Make Winamp Portable: Play Your Music Straight From a USB Flash Drive
Need to find out how to make a portable version of Winamp so you can use it on a USB flash drive? Using portable apps such as software media players can make a lot of sense if you want to carry around your MP3 library and use it on virtually any computer. This tutorial will show you how to install Winamp on an external drive so you can use it to play your MP3 library on virtually any computer with a spare USB port.

Winamp Tutorial: How to Listen to SHOUTcast Radio Stations
Winamp is a software media player that you can use to tune into thousands of free SHOUTcast radio broadcasts. SHOUTcast radio which is built into Winamp is a large directory of SHOUTcast servers that stream audio over the Internet (Web radio). This short tutorial shows you how to access all this free music!

How to Use Winamp to Manage Your iTunes Songs
This short Winamp tutorial will show you how to import your iTunes songs into Winamp so you can play all your music from just one software media player. This will enable you to better manage your music library and have access to all the music on your computer from one central location.

Create a Playlist Using Winamp
Creating a playlist in Winamp is a great way to organize your music library and setup custom compilations to suit any mood. Read this short tutorial on how to create a playlist using the popular Winamp media software.

How to Use Winamp to Convert Between Audio Formats
Winamp is a stellar music and video player that is not only a good alternative to Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc., but also doubles as a decent audio file converter.

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