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Windows Media Player Tutorials

Microsoft's Windows Media Player is a software application that can handle most media types. Various audio, photo, and video formats can be organized, synchronized with your portable media player, or even burned to CD.
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How to Stream Music to the Xbox 360 Using Windows Media Player 12
If you've got a music library that you'd like to stream from your PC to the Xbox 360, then you can use Windows Media Player to do it. Setting up your Xbox and PC via your home network is a great way to enjoy your digital music collection. If you're not sure on how to set things up, then read this guide on how to do it with minimum fuss.

Windows Media Player 12 Search Tool: Quickly Find Songs in Your WMP Library
Are you having problems trying to find songs in your Windows Media Player 12 library. Manually sifting through the contents of your MP3 collection can be a real headache when looking for a specific song, album, or artist. However, there's a quick way to find exactly what you are looking for by using WMP's built-in search tool. To find out more...

Windows Media Player 12 Problems: Troubleshooting WMP 12 Configuration Errors
Are you having problems with Windows Media Player 12 and have tried tweaking every setting you can think of? The MSDT tool in Windows 7 can be used to reset corrupt settings in WMP 12 back to their defaults. If you suspect that your WMP settings may be corrupt, then follow this quick tutorial to see how to reset them in a flash without having to reinstall Microsoft's jukebox software.

Windows Media Player Shortcuts: Boost the Speed of Using WMP
Using Keyboard shortcuts in Windows Media Player can make it easy (and fast) to repeat tasks that are either hidden away or require multiple sub-menus to access using your mouse. Rather than using the graphical user interface (GUI) to play and organize your digital music and video library, why not use keyboard shortcuts instead? To find out about the many ways you can use the keyboard to take control of WMP, consult this quick look-up table for more information.

Windows Media Player 11 Equalizer: Enhance Sound Using WMP 11's EQ Tool
The graphic equalizer in Windows Media Player 11 is an underused tool that can enhance the quality of your songs during playback. Sometimes songs can sound dull and lifeless, but you can shape the audio you hear using an EQ tool to enhance it. This type of tool can improve areas (frequencies) which were lacking before. To discover how you can re-shape the sound of your songs, follow this tutorial on using the graphic equalizer tool in Windows Media Player 11.

How to Sync Windows Media Player 11 Playlists: Quickly Transfer Multiple Songs
Syncing playlists in Windows Media Player 11 is a far quicker way to transfer multiple songs and albums than manually adding them one-by-one to the sync list. If you've got a lot of tracks to transfer to your MP3 player / PMP, then it makes sense to use playlists. To find out how to batch-sync your WMP music library, work through this Windows Media Player tutorial.

Windows Media Player 12 Volume Leveling: Cure Volume Differences Between Songs
Volume leveling or normalizing in Windows Media Player is useful for ensuring that the loudness of all the music in your library remains constant. If you find that there is a lot of variation in the volume levels between songs in your digital music collection, then WMP's volume leveling feature can help. To find out how to use this option in WMP 12, follow the simple steps in this tutorial.

Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer: Improve the Sound of Your Songs
Windows Media Player 12 has a graphic equalizer that can be used to improve the playback quality of your song library. If you've got songs or music that is lacking bass, treble, or the vocals could do with a boost, then the EQ tool in WMP is worth using. You'll be able to control the response of different frequencies and thus shape the overall sound of your songs. To find out how to do this, we've written a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use WMP 12's 10-band graphic equalizer to breath life into your song library.

Windows Media Player Crossfading: How to Automatically Crossfade Music in WMP 11
Crossfading songs in Windows Media Player is a great feature that allows you to listen to your digital music library without the annoyance of silence. Smooth transitions between songs not only enhances your listening experience, but also adds an excellent professional touch -- this effect is often used by DJs for non-stop music. If you want to...

Windows Media Player 12 Crossfading: How to Eliminate Gaps Between Songs
Do you want to use Windows Media Player to listen to your MP3 music without any gaps? You can do this by using a technique called Crossfading. It is an audio enhancement feature that is built into Windows Media Player 12 which enables smooth transitions between songs to be done automatically. This audio effect is extensively used in DJ software...

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Windows Media Player Problems
Having problems with Windows Media Player? If so, then this troubleshooting guide lists tutorials on common problems that can be fixed with ease. Whether your WMP problems are: a corrupt library, missing album art, CD ripping errors, or program freezes, you'll find this list of solutions an invaluable resource.

How To Vary WMP 12 Playback Speed: Change Speed Without Affecting Pitch
Do you want to change the playback speed of music, a song, or video? If you are using Windows Media Player then you can do this without changing the pitch. This can be useful for example if you are learning to play a musical instrument such as the guitar. You can also change the playback speed of videos which can be a great aid when you need to play in slow motion to better understand a concept.

Windows Media Player Problems: How to Stop WMP Freezing in Full Screen Mode
Do you find Windows Media Player crashes when in full screen mode? If WMP freezes when you switch to full screen view, then be sure to read this windows media player troubleshooting tip. By following this short tutorial you will be able to stop this happening using a simple registry hack.

How to Repair a Corrupt WMP Database: Quickly Recover Your Music Library
Are you having problems trying to play your music library in Windows Media Player? If you can’t view, add, or delete the songs in your WMP library, then you could be suffering from a corrupt WMP database. The good news is that this can be easily fixed by following our WMP tutorial. Follow the steps in this quick tips article to see how you can recover your WMP music library in a flash.

How to Uninstall or Reinstall Windows Media Player 12: Fixing WMP 12 Problems
Do you want to know how to uninstall or reinstall Windows Media Player 12? If you're stuck and need to find out how to remove WMP 12, then follow this quick tips article. Whether you are having problems with WMP 12 or just want to remove it from Windows 7, this tutorial will show you the steps in order to quickly deinstall it.

How To Optimize Windows Media Player For Streaming Video: Improve Video Playback
Are you having problems playing video in windows media player? Do you have video stutter or constant buffering problems when streaming video in WMP? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to easily tweak WMP to improve streaming video playback.

How to Manually Add Album Art in Windows Media Player 11
Windows Media Player (WMP) makes it easy to automatically download missing album art for your digital music, but what if you need to add it manually, or want to add custom artwork? This WMP tutorial will show you how to add album artwork manually using image files.

How to View Song Lyrics in Windows Media Player
Are you trying to find free lyrics for your favorite songs? This tutorial shows you how to use a free windows media player plugin to automatically view song lyrics as they play.

Download Missing Album Art Using Windows Media Player 11: Download Album Covers
Have you got missing album art in your music library? Are you looking for a tutorial on how to automatically add album covers to your MP3 music files? If some of the music in your music library is missing album art, then this Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to quickly download free album art from the Internet.

Windows Media Player Tutorial: How to Sync Media Files to Your Portable
Do you need to know the best way to sync your media files to your portable player? This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to transfer your music, videos, and photos with ease using Windows Media Player 11.

Top 6 Windows Media Player Tutorials – Get the Best Out of WMP 11
Microsoft’s popular Windows Media Player is a software media player that comes with a range of built-in tools. As well as being a full-featured jukebox, it can also be used for ripping CDs, listening to thousands of Internet radio stations, burning MP3 CDs, organizing your media files, and many other tasks. This article showcases some of the...

Listen to Free Internet Radio Stations Using Windows Media Player 11
If you use Microsoft Windows Media Player, then you can access hundreds of music stations for free. Listening to streaming music gives you the freedom to discover new genres, and listen without limits.

Windows Media Playlists: Best Ways to Use Playlists in WMP
Using playlists in Windows Media Player can be a powerful tool for automating certain tasks. But, do you know some of the best ways to use them? If you want to discover how to make intelligent playlists that dynamically change, sync music between WMP and your MP3 player the easy way, or fancy having a go at creating your own custom music mixtapes, then read this useful guide.

Building a Music Library Using Windows Media Player 11
A tutorial on adding music files to the Windows Media Player 11 library.

How To Store The Same Songs at Different Bitrates
Are you looking for a way to rip a CD and store the same songs in your Windows Media Player library, but at different bitrates? If you've got a range of different portable music devices that you want to listen to the same songs on, then you'll need to use an optimized set of audio files to get the best out of each device.

Windows Media Player Burning: Changing Burn Speed in Windows Media Player 11
Are you having problems burning audio CDs in Windows Media Player 11? If so, then reducing the burn speed could help. The quality of media is one of the most common reasons why trying to burn audio discs can lead to problems like music drop outs, failed burn sessions, etc. However, by burning CDs at a slower speed you could instantly fix your problem! For more information, read this Windows Media Player 11 tutorial that shows you how to change CD burning speed.

How to Stream an MP3 on the Internet to Windows Media Player 12
Stream MP3s from the Internet via Windows Media Player 12 without having to download them.

How To Use Windows Media Player 12 to Stream Free Internet Radio Stations
Listening to Internet radio using Windows Media Player 12 gives you a great way to discover new music by tuning into real FM stations that broadcast over the Web. To find out how, follow this tutorial which also shows you how to bookmark your favorite radio stations using playlists.

Is it Possible to Add Audio Format Support to Windows Media Player 12?
Add more support for media formats in Windows Media Player 12 by following the steps in this article.

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