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Windows Media Player Tutorial: How to Burn an Audio CD With Media Player 11


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Windows Media Player Tutorial: How to Burn an Audio CD With Media Player 11
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Even though digital music can be stored on CD-R or CD-RW as data files (commonly referred to as an MP3 CD), it is sometimes useful to create an audio CD. This type of compact disc is just like a music CD you would buy from your local store and is playable on virtually any device that has a CD or DVD drive. By creating a custom audio CD of your favorite music, you will be able to create your very own custom CDs to suite different moods. And last but not least, backing up your music onto audio CDs will keep it safe just in case disaster strikes.

Before we begin the tutorial on burning an audio CD, you may want to prepare yourself by doing the following:

Downloading Windows Media Player 11: Check on the latest version of Windows Media Player 11 (WMP) and upgrade if necessary.

Buying CD-R Media: When purchasing CD-R media for audio CDs you have to make sure that they are good quality. If you buy cheap discs then don't be surprised if end up with a lot 'coasters' that have to be trashed. Some CD burners are also very picky when it comes to compatible media - check your CD burner's user guide for more information. Here is a recommended list that are broadly compatible:

For jewel cases to store your CDs in:

Once you are prepared, run Windows Media Player 11 and click on the Burn tab at the top of the screen.
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