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How to Rip Audio CDs in Windows Media Player 11


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Selecting CD tracks to rip
How to Rip Audio CDs in Windows Media Player 11
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If you have configured Windows Media Player to automatically start ripping audio CDs as soon as a CD is inserted then all the tracks will be selected; to select only certain tracks to rip you can click on the Stop Rip button, select the tracks you want, and then click the Start Rip button.

In contrast, if automatic ripping is turned off then you will need to either select the entire album (click on top check box), or individual tracks by clicking on each track check box. To begin ripping your CD, click on the Start Rip button.

During the ripping process you will see a green progress bar appear next to each track as it is being processed. Once a track in the queue has been processed, a ripped to library message will be displayed in the Rip Status column.

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