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Common Windows Media Player Problems: Troubleshooting Tips For WMP

A list of tutorials on fixing errors and problems with Windows Media Player


Windows Media Player is a popular software program for playing music, videos, and organizing your digital music library. Most of the time it functions without a hiccup, but as with every software program, there are times when errors can occur. The list of tutorials below give you step-by-step instructions on how to quickly fix a range of common problems with WMP.

1. How to Fix a Corrupt Windows Media Player Library

This quick-fix shows you how to easily resolve a corrupt WMP library that typically stops you from adding, deleting, or even viewing your digital music library.

2. How to Cure Video Problems While Streaming Video

If you like to use Windows Media Player to watch streaming video, but are frustrated by interrupted playback, then follow this hints and tips guide. It will give you some good pointers on improving WMP's performance that can give rise to slow or constant video buffering, choppy video, and other symptoms.

3. How to Resolve CD Ripping Error C00D10D2 (WMP 11)

Ripping CDs using WMP 11 is on the whole a trouble-free way of converting your audio CDs to digital music. However, if you find that you can no longer extract the audio from your discs and see error code C00D10D2, then follow this tutorial to get back up and ripping in no time.

4. Windows Media Player Freezes in Full Screen Mode (Windows Vista)

Switching WMP to full screen mode in Windows Vista can sometimes cause the program to freeze. This is usually caused bu an incompatibility between your graphics card and this video mode. However, with the aid of this guide, we'll show you how to use a registry hack to fix this in a flash!

5. Fix Windows Media Player 12 Problems by Reinstalling

There can be times when you'll need to reinstall Windows Media Player 12 to solve a problem that can't be fixed any other way. But where's the uninstall option? Follow this tutorial to see how to reinstall WMP 12 the easy way.

6. How to Add Missing Album Art in WMP 11

Normally Windows Media Player automatically downloads album art from the Internet, but this can sometimes fail leading to a blank album cover! Rather than suffering from an incomplete library, you can manually add album art in a number of ways. Find out how by reading this tutorial.

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