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Digital Music: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Use Mixer to Get Free Ringtones, Apps, and More...
If you're looking for free downloads for your phone, then be sure to read this Myxer review. This online service for mobile devices contains a whole host of media such as MP3 songs, ringtones, videos, apps, and more which is mostly free to download. For more information, consult our full review of Myxer that cuts to the bone.
Free Ringtones: The Best Places to Download...
Finding and downloading free and legal ringtones for your phone can be difficult at the best of times. This article spotlights ringtone sites that offer content that's legal to use. Many of the listed ringtone sites offer other content too for your phone that can either be downloaded or sent straight to your device.
How to Find Free Songs on Google Play Music
The Google Play Music store might not be the first place you think of when searching for free music. After all, doesn't it just have the one 'Free Single of The Week' promotion now? It actually has more than that when you know where to look -- including free albums too. For more information, be sure to read this guide on how to search for free songs and albums on Google Play Music.
Free Software to Remove Vocals From Songs
If you’ve ever wanted to know how to remove vocals from songs, then this article will show you the software you need to get the job done. All the software listed is free and can be used to remove voice from music. Whether you listen to CDs or MP3 files, you can with a bit of experimentation, listen to your favorite music without the singing!
5 Places to Get Free Music (Without The Fear of...
Are you looking for free and legal MP3 music to download? There is a mass of free music out there produced by artists just waiting to be discovered. Whatever your taste in music, you're sure to find an interesting genre from this essential top picks list.
What Are The Best Ways to Find Free Songs?
Are you trying to find free songs to download? There are many sources of free music and songs on the Internet, but a lot of what you discover is often illegal. Trying to find 'free' while staying on the right side of the law can sometimes feel like an impossible task when searching the Web. This article therefore shows you some of the legal ways in which you can build up a digital music library for free.
How to Sync Music to Your iPhone Using iTunes
Do you want to start using your iPhone to listen to music, but don't know how? By following the steps in this article you will see how to set up your iOS device with iTunes and choose between automatic and manual syncing.
Free Audio Editors: Create Ringtones From Songs
What are the best free audio editors to use? If you need to edit, convert, or record audio then find out which ones made it to our top-picks list.
How Can I Listen to Streaming Music Offline?
There are some very good streaming music services on the Internet, but not all of them offer an offline mode. This is a cool feature that enables you to listen to the music you like without having to be connected to the Internet or a 3G network all of the time. If you're looking for a list of streaming music sites that have an offline mode, then consult this toplist that gives you a quick rundown on some of the best.
5 DRM Removal Programs
Are you looking for DRM removal software? This article covers the best programs to use for removing DRM copy protection from your music and video files.
The Best Three (and free) DJ Software Programs
Searching for free DJ software to help you to mix music? With a DJ software program, you can use your existing digital music files to produce unique remixes. Although it takes a lot of practice and talent to be a top DJ, you can have great fun mixing up your music library using the free software listed in this article.
Best Christmas MP3 Albums to Download
Are you searching for Christmas music to download? Or perhaps looking for Christmas sounds and ringtones? This article highlights a varied selection of Christmas music albums and sounds that you can download. You'll find Christmas songs, sounds, and ringtones guaranteed to bring joy to any Christmas occasion.
Free Software That Lets You Record Streaming...
Are you searching for free software to record Internet radio stations and streaming music? Having the right software to do this is an excellent way to legally build up your music library. This guide will show you free audio programs that you can use to legally record streaming audio from the Internet.
Top Music Download Services
The choice of what online music store you use for downloading digital music is growing all the time. And researching the Internet looking for that killer online music download service can take a long time. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of services that provide a way to download files for offline listening.
Using Bluetooth For Music on Your iPhone
Did you know that you can use Bluetooth on your iPhone for listening to music? Whether you've got a home stereo system, in-car solution, or a pair of Bluetooth headphones, you can use this wireless feature to listen to music without having to worry about physical connections. If you haven't used this facility on your smartphone yet or don't know how to set it up, then this iPhone tutorial will show you how.
Free Ringtones: The Best Ways to Get Audio...
Are you looking for alternative ways to get free ringtones for your phone? This quick tips article shows you some of the best ways to furnish your phone with free and legal tones. We'll show you where to download free and legal mp3s, and even what software and tools to use in order to create your own from your existing MP3 library.
The Best Audio Editing Software You Can Download
If you’ve got large MP3 files that you want to split, then using an audio file splitter will create parts that are more manageable. MP3 file splitters can also be used to create cell phone ringtones from your exisiting music library. Most audio file splitting software also supports various file formats such as FLAC, WAV, OGG, etc. This article lists some of the best free audio file splitters available on the Internet.
Streaming Music: How Does it Actally Work?
What is streaming music? In this FAQ, you can find out what streaming music is, how it differs from downloading music, and what the basic requirements are.
How to Create an MP3 CD in Windows Media Player...
Burning an MP3 CD using Windows Media Player 11 is a great way to backup and carry around a lot of MP3s on one disc. The trusty CD maybe getting old now, but you can still use it to enjoy hours of music at home or in the car. On average, you can burn between 8 to 10 albums on a single MP3 CD! To discover how to create MP3 CDs in WMP 11, be sure to read this straight-forward tutorial.
Free Software Tools For Copying, Ripping, and...
Are you searching for free burning software? If you’re looking to copy, rip, or burn files (such as MP3s) to disc, then you'll need a good tool. This guide highlights some of the best burner software to use that can be downloaded for free.
Delete Duplicate Music Files with These Helpful...
Have you got a disorganized music library that's probably full of duplicate files? If you're looking for ways to streamline your music collection, then using a duplicate music file finder can whip your collection back into shape. This article lists some of the best free programs that specifically geared towards your hard disk's music content.
How to Gift iTunes Songs: Give Single Tracks or...
Do you want to send someone an iTunes song or album? Instead of giving a friend or family member credit to use, you can send them a specific track or complete album using the iTunes Store. This adds a more personal touch when buying for a Birthday, Anniversary, or any occasion where the person may want something in particular.
How to Normalize MP3 Files – Play Your...
Do you find yourself adjusting the volume level on your iPod, or MP3 player every time a different music track plays? This MP3 tutorial will show you how to normalize your MP3 files so they all play at the same volume level.
4 Free Ways to Convert Music Files into a...
Are you looking for an MP3 converter for your music library? This article lists the best free software for converting your digital music into various audio formats. All the listed audio converters have good support for formats such as MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, WAV, FLAC, and more.
How can I record streaming audio from the...
Do you listen to Internet radio or streaming music? Wish you could record what you hear? This digital music FAQ will give you guidance on how to record practically any sound that your computer dares to make.
Free Songs And Sounds For Halloween
Are you looking for free Halloween music? Or want to download spooky Halloween sounds? Here you will find hours of free creepy songs, sounds, and spooky music that's guaranteed to liven up any Halloween party.
MP3 CD Definition: What is an MP3 CD?
What is an MP3 CD? Creating MP3 CDs gives you the ability to carry around your digital music and play it on hardware devices like CD and DVD players. It's not always practical to use an MP3 player and so using an MP3 CD can be a good solution. You can also fit many more songs and albums on this type of data CD when compared to a standard audio CD -- approximately 8 to 10 albums! To find out more on MP3 CDs, read this informative article that also highlights the pros and cons.
How to Create an Audiobook in iTunes in Just 4...
Are you searching for a way to convert several MP3 files to an iTunes audiobook? Rather than having an audiobook split into multiple MP3 files, why not make it easy for yourself and create a single audiobook in iTunes? Using Apple's software media program, you can also use its bookmarking feature (similar to the M4b format) so you won't have to remember the exact position you got to. To find out how to merge several MP3 files into a single audiobook, follow this handy iTunes tutorial.
Burn up to 10 Music Albums on One Disc by...
Did you know that Windows Media Player 12 can burn MP3 CDs as well as standard music discs? Burning MP3 files to a CD-R disc can give you hours of music to carry around. In fact, you can comfortably fit 8 MP3 albums or more on to one disc! To find out how, follow this easy-to-follow guide.
5 Free Tools to Help Organize Your Music Library
Do you need to organize your MP3 files by using an MP3 tag editor? If your MP3 music collection has missing tag information, then using an MP3 tag tool will save you time so you can get on with enjoying your music.
Online Music Sites that Let You Stream
Music streaming services are great if you want to listen without the hassle of downloading every single song. But, which one do you choose? To help you to decide, we've compiled a list of the best online music sites that offer millions of songs to stream.
MicroSD Cards: A Quick Way to Increase Your...
The best way to increase your phone's storage is to use a MicroSD card. But, which are best for music and video? Find out in this guide which ones came out on top.
CBR and VBR Encoding FAQ: What is The Difference?
When ripping your music CDs to an audio format like MP3 or converting from one format to another, you'll often need to choose between CBR and VBR encoding. But what do these abbreviations mean? And what are the differences between the two? In this FAQ, we'll examine the differences and point out which one in our opinion you should use for digital music.
Best Places to Store Your Music Online
Free online music storage spaces, or music lockers as they are sometimes called, are an excellent way of listening to your music wherever you may be. You can upload your music to online storage sites that stream your music via a Web browser.
How to Repair MP3 Files in 5 Easy Steps
Are you looking for a way to repair your damaged MP3 files? If you've got an MP3 file that refuses to play then you may be able to recover it using an MP3 repair tool. By reading this MP3 tutorial, you'll be able to easily fix the MP3 songs in your library that you would have probably deleted.
Best MP3 Downloaders For Android
Are you looking for an easy way to find and download free music to your Android device? In this guide we highlight a selection of free apps from the Google Play Store which make it easy to download MP3s straight to your phone or tablet.
The Best Free Software to Design CD and DVD...
Do you want to design your own CD or DVD covers? If you are looking for free software to design and print CD or DVD covers, jewel case inserts, and even booklets, then this list of free software will give you some of the best software on the Internet.
The Top 5 Free Media Players to Download
If you are searching for a free software media player to play your MP3s, podcasts, audiobooks, and even music videos, then the choice of which one to use can be overwhelming. To make your life easier, we've compiled a list of some of the best software media players than can be downloaded for free.
The Top 3 Free Music Managers
Digital music managers, or MP3 organizers as they are often referred are music management software programs that are designed to help you organize your digital music collection. They typically have built-in tools like: MP3 tag editing, CD ripping, audio format conversion, and more. This article lists the best free music managers for organizing your MP3 library.
How To Enable AirPlay for iPhone (iOS 6):...
Are you looking for a tutorial on how to enable airplay on the iPhone? This is a smart way of streaming music, videos, photos, and other content wirelessly around your home. You can use your iPhone on your TV, airport express, or even in multiple rooms via airplay speakers. To find out how to set up this facility, be sure to read this iPhone tutorial.
The Best Alternatives to iTunes
Are you looking for a free alternative to iTunes to sync music to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad? If you didn't already know, you don't have to use iTunes -- there's a good selection of free media players on the Internet that you can use for organizing and syncing music to your Apple device. If you're having problems with iTunes, or just fancy a change, then this list of iTunes alternatives will show you some of the best free media software that is compatible with Apple's range of portables.
How to Sync Music to Your iPod with iTunes
Need to transfer music to iPod? If you've just received a new Apple iPod and want to find out how to sync your iTunes songs, then this tutorial will show you how. By following this guide, you'll be able to copy songs that you have in your iTunes library so you can listen to your music while on the move.
Free Christmas Music, Sound effects, and...
Looking for free Christmas music can be overwhelming to say the least. Here is a selection of legal songs and sounds for the Holiday season which you download and stream.
Top Album Art Websites: Best Places on the Net...
Are you looking for hard-to-find album art for your digital music library? Software media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player don't always find the CD cover art you are looking for and so you'll need to search for this manually. Not all sites on the Internet are easy to use or provide a wide selection of music artwork -- some sites can also contain low quality images. To help you seek out some of the best resources to use on the Internet, we've compiled a list of stellar websites that have huge album art libraries and are easy to use too.
How to Create Free Ringtones in iTunes
Do you want to know how to make free ringtones in iTunes? The problem with creating ringtones with the iTunes software is that you have to pay a fee even if you have purchased the whole song. This iTunes tutorial will show you how to create free ringtones using your existing music library. Why not recycle your music and be eco-friendly!
Ringtones Definition: What are RealTones?
Discover by reading this glossary article what ringtones are, the common formats that are used, and how you can create your own from your digital music library.
Top Thanksgiving Music Albums: MP3 Music And...
Are you searching for Thanksgiving music to download? Or perhaps you are looking for sounds and ringtones for Turkey Day? This article highlights some of the best albums to play on this special day.
Do I need an iPod to play iTunes songs, or can...
You can use your iTunes software to convert to MP3 in order to listen to your purchased music on practically any MP3 player.
How To Convert a YouTube Video to MP3: Use Free...
Do you need to convert YouTube videos to MP3? If you've ever needed to extract the audio from video files, then this tutorial will show you how. This article demonstrates how you can use free software to create MP3 files which can then be transferred to CD, DVD, or your MP3/media player.
The Best Free Software for Ripping Audio CDs
There are plenty of free cd rippers available to download on the Internet, but not all of them give good results. This digital music article lists the best free audio CD rippers for extracting music from your audio CDs. If you’re looking to transfer your music collection to MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV, and other audio formats then be sure to read our Top Free CD Rippers article.
How to Delete Songs from Your iTunes Library
Do you need to find out how to manually delete iTunes songs? Is your music library overloaded and full of songs you don't listen to? If your music collection needs tidying up, then why not optimize your iTunes library by removing songs that you don't listen to anymore. You may also want to free up hard drive space by backing up the songs before deleting them. Follow this iTunes tutorial to find out now.
Get Facebook-like Social Networking With These...
Social music sites give you the chance to listen to and share your music with your friends. Most of the top social networking sites on the Internet aren't music oriented and so discovering new music can be limited or even nonexistent. This article lists some of the best social music websites that you can use to discover new music and friends too.
Top 1TB External Hard Drives: Best External...
Are you looking for a good 1TB external hard drive to backup music, videos, photos, etc? If you've got a large and expensive media library, then you'll want to protect your investment. Your computer's hard drive will fail and so it is essential to protect your important files. Buying an external drive also means that you've got a portable drive that you can take almost anywhere. Here is a list of 1TB hard drives that have been selected for their performance, features, and value for money.
Listening to Digital Music in Your Car
If you've got a digital music library and want to start listening to it in the car, then you may be wondering about your options. There are several ways (depending on the capabilities of your car stereo) that you can listen to MP3 music. Typical options include: FM transmitters, USB flash drives, memory cards, and more. To help you decide the best route to go, we've compiled list of low-cost options that you can choose from in order to transform your car stereo into an MP3 playing device.
iTunes Streaming Music: Listen to Internet...
Using Apple's iTunes software, you can access thousands of free Internet radio stations. This tutorial will show you how to find your favorite radio stations that broadcast over the Internet (sometimes called Web radio). You'll also discover how to build up a list of favorite stations that stream music by creating radio playlists.
Maestro.fm Review: A Music Portal With Online...
Maestro.fm is a social music network that not only makes it possible to search for new music, connect with friends, and share playlists, but also gives you access to your own digital music via remote storage. Find out in this review how the service works and if it's worth using.
MP3jam Review: Convert YouTube Videos to MP3...
MP3jam is a music app that converts YouTube videos to MP3s. You can either stream the audio directly from YouTube music videos or download to create your own free and legal MP3 files. As well as a search facility for finding songs, artists, and albums, the MP3jam app also has a built-in music player, multi-threaded download support, and social media sharing via Facebook and Twitter.
Windows Media Player 12 Equalizer: Improve the...
Windows Media Player 12 has a graphic equalizer that can be used to improve the playback quality of your song library. If you've got songs or music that is lacking bass, treble, or the vocals could do with a boost, then the EQ tool in WMP is worth using. You'll be able to control the response of different frequencies and thus shape the overall sound of your songs. To find out how to do this, we've written a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use WMP 12's 10-band graphic equalizer to breath life into your song library.
Chromecast: Lets You Stream Music to Your TV
Do you know what Chromecast does? It enables you to stream music and other types of media from your phone, tablet or computer to a TV. But, how does it work, and what are the different ways you can use it?
How to Manually Sync iTunes
Do you need to free-up some space on your iPhone? iTunes by default automatically syncs all the songs in your library, but you can disable this and just choose the songs you need on your phone. Find out how to do this by reading this tutorial.
Budget MP3 Players: Top Portables for Under 100...
Are you looking for an MP3 player for under $100? There's a growing selection of basic MP3 players appearing on the market for well under 100 dollars, but which one do you choose? This 'top picks' guide spotlights some of the best budget portables that you can pick up, starting for as little as $20.
Free Ringtone Software: Make Music Ringtones...
With this free ringtone software, make yourself ringtones using your own music collection, rather than paying a fortune for online ringtone services.
Top USB Flash Drives: Easily Store and Transfer...
Are you looking for a budget USB flash drive to store your music, videos, photos, or other types of files on? By using a USB flash drive for your music files for example, you can instantly plug into a home Hi-Fi, car stereo, or games console (PS3 etc.) that has a USB port. You can then enjoy your music library by sharing, copying, syncing, etc. This guide showcases top USB flash drives for storing and transferring your media library.
VLC Media Player Tutorial: How to Convert Video...
Do you use VLC Media Player for videos and wish you could convert the sound you hear to MP3? Well you can! It's not that obvious, but hidden within VLC Media Player's interface is the facility to extract the audio from a video and encode it to various popular audio formats -- like MP3. To see how this is done, read this guide which shows step-by-step how to open a video file, extract its soundtrack, and then encode to an MP3.
How To Download Podcasts - Use iTunes to Get...
This tutorial will show you how to download Podcasts using iTunes, and how you can subscribe to your favorite shows so you never miss an episode. Using Podcasts are not only convenient, but are also a great way to follow your favorite TV and radio shows. You can also build up a free Podcast library that you can use at your convenience.
Free Music And Sounds for Thanksgiving
Celebrate Thanksgiving by grabbing some free downloads. Here you will find some terrific Turkey Day treats such as free music, ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, and more!
Looking for a Windows Media Player Alternative?
There are free alternatives to Windows Media Player that offer way more features and format support than Microsoft's player. Isn't it time for a change?
How To Restore Songs That Have Been Deleted:...
Have you lost files on your memory card? If you need to restore songs for example that have been deleted on your MP3 player's memory card, then be sure to read this tutorial. Many portable devices these days sport a flash memory expansion slot that you can use for boosting the capacity of your player. MicroSD and SD cards are two popular types which are robust, but can still be vulnerable to data loss. Find out how to recover your lost files by reading this troubleshooting article.
How to Manually Check for iTunes Updates
Did you know that you can force iTunes to search for updates rather than having to wait? If you need to manually check for any updates, then this iTunes tutorial will show you how. We'll also demonstrate an alternative way to update iTunes if you are having problems with Apple's popular jukebox software.
How Do You Crossfade Songs in iTunes?
Do you want to know how to remove the gaps of silence between songs in iTunes? This iTunes tutorial will show you how to set up crossfading to enhance your listening experience. You can use crossfading on iTunes to create smooth transitions between songs without that annoying gap between each song. Listen to non-stop music by following this iTunes crossfading tutorial.
Download Music and Videos Faster with These...
Do you want to download your files faster? Are you looking for the best free download managers? By using a file download manager, you can download music and video files faster. You can also use them to download media from sites such as YouTube, file sharing sites, and other places on the net. They are also great for organizing your media in one central place.
Use These File Recovery Programs to Retrieve...
Have you accidentally deleted music files from your hard drive, iPod, or MP3 player and want them back? Whether you’ve lost MP3, WMA, or other types of digital music files, using a file recovery program could be a life saver; they can also be used to undelete photos, videos, and other important files. This article will show you some of the best free file recovery software for getting your data back.
What to Do If You're Devices Won't Sync with...
There can be may reasons why you can't sync your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with iTunes on Windows 7. Usually it is something simple such as your firewall blocking iTunes, or an older version that needs updating to work with your Apple device. If you've seen iTunes error code 0xE8000065, then working through this troubleshooting guide could just solve your sync problems.
Buying Music From Amazon MP3 Without Installing...
Buying songs from the Amazon MP3 Store doesn't mean you have to install the MP3 Downloader or Cloud Player App for PC and Mac. If you don't want to overload your computer's hard drive with yet more software then you can use your browser to purchase and download music. Find out how in this short tutorial on the Amazon MP3 Store.
How to Convert eBooks to MP3s for Free
Do you wish you could listen to a text file on your computer rather than having to strain your eyes to read it all? Text to speech software allows you to convert various text documents into digital audio files that can be listened to on your MP3 player, car stereo, or any device that supports the playback of digital audio. Rather than using your eyes to read an ebook for example, you can convert this text into an audio file format and use your ears instead! To discover some of the best free applications for converting text into voice, our free text to speech software guide highlights some of the best.
How to Uninstall or Reinstall Windows Media...
Do you want to know how to uninstall or reinstall Windows Media Player 12? If you're stuck and need to find out how to remove WMP 12, then follow this quick tips article to see how. Whether you are having problems with WMP 12 or just want to remove it from Windows 7, this tutorial will show you the steps in order to quickly deinstall it.
How to Rip Audio CDs in Windows Media Player 11
This Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to rip your CD collection to MP3, WMA, or WAV audio files. Creating digital music files will allow you to take your music anywhere on your MP3 player.
How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4
Have you downloaded YouTube videos and need to quickly convert from FLV to MP4? The Flash video format is used on sites like YouTube, but not all PMP / MP3 players support it. Rather than finding an app for your particular device (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.), and having to download them all again, why not use VLC Player to quickly convert them to MP4? To find out more, follow this tutorial which shows you how to convert your downloaded videos in a flash.
How to Use iTunes Sound Check to Normalize Your...
Are you frustrated by the volume differences between songs in your iTunes library? If you find that they all play at different volumes, then using the iTunes Sound Check feature could be all that is needed to solve this common problem. This option can be configured to normalize all the digital audio tracks in your iTunes music collection without making any permanent changes to your files. To find out how to configure this cool feature, read our iTunes Sound Check tutorial that shows you how in 4 easy steps.
A handy tool for uploading your MP3s to Amazon...
Are you looking to upload your MP3 music to Amazon's Cloud Player service? If you want to start streaming your music library then this tutorial will show you how to use Amazon's handy uploading tool.
Top 4 Ways to Backup Your Digital Music: Best...
Are you looking for some of the best ways to backup your digital music library? If you've amassed a collection of digital music (MP3s etc.), audiobooks, podcasts, videos, photos, etc., then you will want to protect your media library by storing it in a safe place. This article focuses on some of the best ways you can backup your media collection to safeguard against a disaster.
The 3 Best Sites for Watching Music Videos
Are you looking for free music videos? Do you want video websites that you can use to create playlists and share videos with your friends? If so then this article covers free sites that are good resources for music videos. As well as being great entertainment, watching streaming music videos is also a good way of discovering new music.
Remove Duplicate Songs from Your Hard Drive in...
Have you got duplicate songs in your music library that you want to delete the easy way? Instead of manually going through your music collection trying to remember if the next song in the list is a clone, why not use a duplicate file finding program? This digital music tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to remove space-hogging replicas to streamline your music library.
5 Free Options for Your Data Recovery Needs
Have you got music files on a damaged CD or DVD that you'd like to recover? If you've got digital music, videos, or other types of media files stored on an optical disc that has sustained damage, then you can use file recovery software to try and get your files back. If you've accidentally scratched your CD or DVD for example and now can't read the disk, then the freeware file recovery programs listed here could just help to get your important files back.
iPhone Audio Formats: What Audio File Types Can...
What audio formats does the iPhone actually support? This is a question you may well ask if you are going to play digital music files on it. You probably already know that it can play songs in the AAC format which the iTunes Store uses, but what other file types can it handle? To find out all the others, be sure to read this short iPhone FAQ on all its supported digital audio formats.
How To Make an Apple ID Without a Credit Card...
Have you got an iPod Touch ans want to create an Apple ID without having to enter your credit card information. Normally when registering for a new iTunes account you will have to provide a payment method, but we'll show you how do it without one -- keeping you safe at all times.
Here's What You Need to Know About the iCloud
Do you need to find out more information about iCloud? Or even how it works? If you've heard about Apple's iCloud service and have questions that you'd like answered, then this FAQ (frequently asked questions) article on iCloud just might save you a lot of time searching on the Web.
Having iTunes Store Apple ID Problems? Just...
Sometimes it's necessary to reset or change your Apple ID password in order to access the many services that Apple provide. A popular way is to do it via iTunes or the settings in iOS, but in this tutorial we'll show you how to use a Web browser to quickly reset your iTunes password.
Jamendo: A Good Place to Get Free Music?
Jamendo review - A look at this free and legal music website that offers thousands of free MP3 tracks to download or stream.
The Top 3 CD/DVD Repair Kits on the Market
Have you got a scratched CD or DVD? Are you looking for good disc repair kits that actually work? This guide covers some of the best disc repair kits that you can use to fix scratched, damaged, and sometimes unplayable CD and DVD discs.
Are Your MP3s Not Playing in The Right Order?
Are you having problems trying to get your MP3 player to play songs in the right (alphabetical) order? If you can't get songs to play in sequence then follow this guide to see how.
Virtual DJ Apps: Can They be Used With Songs...
What are DJ software apps and how can they be used for creating mixes using your existing music library? This article explains common features and links to some free ones to try out.
Does my MP3 player work with Apple's iTunes...
If you are wondering about the compatibility of your MP3 player with the iTunes Store, then read this FAQ to find out.
The 5 Best BitTorrent Sites on the Web
Are you looking for the best Bittorrent websites for downloading? If so, then this article lists some of the most popular P2P file sharing websites on the Internet.
Windows Media Player 12 Crossfading: How to...
Do you want to use Windows Media Player to listen to your MP3 music without any gaps? You can do this by using a technique called Crossfading. It is an audio enhancement feature that is built into Windows Media Player 12 which enables smooth transitions between songs to be done automatically. This audio effect is extensively used in DJ software and other applications to seamlessly fade out one song while the next one is faded in. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to achieve this in WMP 12, then read on!
Disabling iTunes Auto-sync: Stop Automatic Song...
Are you looking for a way to stop iTunes automatically syncing files when plugging in your iPhone? This feature is useful for keeping the iPhone up-to-date with your latest music and app purchases, but it can be annoying when you don't always want this to happen. To find out how to quickly disable this feature, follow this iTunes syncing guide now.
Free Android Music Apps: Streaming Music...
Are you looking for free music apps for your Android phone or tablet? There are a growing number of streaming music services that offer a free music app so you can listen to songs on your Android device. This enables you to turn your portable into a media player so you can discover new music via online music services. To help you save time scouring the Internet for services that offer a free Android music app, we've compiled a list of some of the best.
How to Create Your Own MP3 from Video Clips
Have you ever needed to extract music or audio from video files? This tutorial will show you how to make MP3 files from digital video sources such as VCD, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, etc. You can then transfer these MP3 files to CD, or your MP3/media player.
Best MP3 Halloween Albums to Download
Are you looking for Halloween music albums to download? Or perhaps you want to find spooky Halloween sounds for your outside display? This article focuses on some of the best Halloween music albums that you can download to provide a great Halloween atmosphere for any occasion. You'll find Halloween songs, sounds, and spooky music that's guaranteed to liven up any Halloween party.
4 iPhone Apps That Let You Stream Music for Free
As well as being a great smartphone, the iPhone makes a stellar portable media player for listening to music. The popularity of mobile music has seen strong growth in recent years with many services now offering free music apps for the iPhone. This enables you to use your Apple device for music discovery by streaming millions of songs. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of top streaming music services that offer a free iPhone music app.
Best Ways to Convert YouTube Music Videos for...
Do you need to watch YouTube videos offline? Are you searching for ways to download YouTube music videos and convert them to either MP3 or MP4? There are several methods you can use to convert YouTube videos into either audio only files (suitable for MP3 players etc.) or video formats that portables like smartphones and tablets can handle. To see some of the best ways for creating media files from YouTube, this guide highlights a few solutions.
Factors to Consider Before Converting to MP3
Do you need to convert to MP3? Before creating MP3 files, it is wise to find out the factors to consider (and settings) before converting to the MP3 format.
Lossless Audio Formats: Are They Worth Using?
Do you know what a lossless audio format is? If you're not sure, then read this explanation which also lists the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of format.
How to Change Ringtones on Your iPhone
Do you want to change the ringtone on the iPhone? If you've downloaded free ringtones or created some of your own from the songs in your iTunes library, then you'll want to customize your iOS device's sound too. Even if you want to use the standard sound clips, then this tutorial will show you how easy it is to setup the iPhone to use a different ringtones.
Crossfading Definition: What is Crossfading?
You have probably heard of the term crossfading. It's a mixing effect often used by DJ's to smoothly fade one song out as the next one starts to play. If you've got a digital music library that you listen to using a software media player like iTunes or Windows Media Player for example, then did you know that you can crossfade your MP3s? In this article, we'll describe in detail what Crossfading is and how you can do it using the right software.
Amazon MP3 Store: A Full Review of a Serious...
Amazon.com is a well respected force in the online retail market, so it was no surprise that it eventually entered the digital music download scene in 2007. Its digital music store, Amazon MP3, has upped the ante in the world of paid-for online music services by providing DRM-free content. Find out in this Amazon MP3 review if Amazon’s offering is an iTunes Store killer.
Lossless Audio Formats: Best Codecs for Ripping...
Using a lossless format when ripping your original audio CDs ensures that you have a perfect digital copy. This can be a great backup strategy just in case your originals get damaged -- you then have the option to create another disc that is identical to the original. Storing your CDs in a lossless audio format also means that you have master versions of songs that you can then convert to common lossy formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, etc. To see some of the best audio formats for creating perfect copies of your audio CDs, read this lossless audio format toplist for more information.
Playing Your Music Library Using the Spotify App
Follow this Spotify tutorial to see how to play music files that are stored on your computer's hard drive or external storage device.
The Top 4 Cloud Storage Sites for Your Music
If you're thinking of backing up your music files, or any other type of file for that matter, then have you thought of using free file storage sites? Sometimes known as virtual drives, or cloud storage, these online services provide remote storage solutions for your important files.
Use Windows Media 11 to Add Album Art to Your...
Have you got missing album art in your music library? Are you looking for a tutorial on how to automatically add album covers to your MP3 music files? If some of the music in your music library is missing album art, then this Windows Media Player 11 tutorial will show you how to quickly download free album art from the Internet.
Songs Per CD FAQ: How Many Songs Can I Fit on...
Do you backup your digital music to CD and want to know how many songs you can fit on a CD? The compact disc may be an aging storage medium, but it can still be useful for storing your MP3s -- and even playing hours of music in your car! To find out how many MP3s you can squeeze onto one CD read this short article for more information.
Best BitTorrents For Downloading Legal Music...
Are you looking for legal P2P Web sites? Do you want to download free music and videos safely? Read this file sharing article that shows you the best legal BitTorrent sites to visit for music, videos, and other types of files that are usually provided under the Creative Commons License.
How to Deauthorize an Old iTunes Computer:...
If you have old or dead computers associated with iTunes and have reached the authorize limit of 5, you might now be wondering how to deauthorize them? Normally the only way to remove them is to directly work on each computer in turn via the iTunes software installed on them. However, if you no longer have access to computers you once linked to your Apple ID, then this can first seem like an impossible task. The good news is that is can be done and in this iTunes tutorial, we will show you how. Discover how you can quickly deauthorize all computers associated with your Apple ID just by using the iTunes software -- you will then be able to start again from scratch.
Copying iTunes Songs to The iPad
Have you got an iPad and want to know how to transfer music to it? The iPad can do a lot of things including being a stellar portable media player. In this tutorial we'll show you the steps needed to sync iTunes songs to your iPad.
Video to MP3 FAQ: Methods Used to Convert...
Do you need to convert a video to MP3 and want to find out your options? Sometimes you'll just want the audio from a video clip to add to your music library, sync to an MP3 player, etc. Whether you've found a great sounding YouTube video or have a file stored on your computer, this guide will show you the different methods available to convert a video to an audio file such as MP3.
Amazon Cloud Player FAQ: What is the Amazon...
Are you looking for an FAQ on the Amazon Cloud Player? Or just want to find our more on how you can use Amazon's MP3 player to store and play your digital music library? For all the essential details on this cloud storage and streaming service combo, be sure to read our Amazon Cloud Player FAQ.
Online Radio: How to Add Streaming Radio...
The iTunes software media program can be used for listening to Internet radio, but what if the station you really like isn't in the list? The good news is that you can add Web radio station URLs to iTunes for practically any streaming broadcast. To find out how to add radio stations to iTunes, follow this short tutorial.
Free DJ Apps For iPad: Transform Your Device...
Start mixing music on your iPad by installing a free DJ app. Use the songs already in your iTunes library or connect to services like SoundCloud and remix millions of tracks.
iCloud Definition: What is The Apple iCloud...
A brief description about Apple's iCloud service and some of its features.
Music ID Apps For Android:Take The Guess Work...
Using a Music ID app on your Android phone, tablet, etc., enables you to easily find out the name of a song. Most apps of this kind use your devices built-in microphone and a special online database to work out the song's identity. Rather than trying to 'name that tune' and pulling your hair out in the process, why not read up on some of the best Android music ID apps available to make your life easy.
Windows Doesn't Recognize my MP3 Player
There can be may reasons why your version of Windows doesn't recognize your MP3 player, PMP, or other type of USB gadget. Usually it can be resolved by doing something as simple as updating your operating system or upgrading your portable's firmware. If you are having problems connecting and syncing your portable, then working through this troubleshooting guide could just solve your connectivity problems.
Convert WMA Files to MP3s in Just 5 Steps
Are you looking for a way to convert your WMA digital music files to MP3? This tutorial will show you how to do it using the free MediaMonkey software.
How To Convert Audio Formats Using iTunes
If you use iTunes for your music then did you know it makes a great audio format converter? Find out in this iTunes tutorial how to convert between AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, and WAV using iTunes 7+.
Windows Media Player 12 Volume Leveling: Cure...
Volume leveling or normalizing in Windows Media Player is useful for ensuring that the loudness of all the music in your library remains constant. If you find that there is a lot of variation in the volume levels between songs in your digital music collection, then WMP's volume leveling feature can help. To find out how to use this option in WMP 12, follow the simple steps in this tutorial.
Online Music Store Definition: What is an...
What exactly is an online music store? Does it differ from a cloud music service, or is it the same thing? By reading this definition article, you'll discover what an online music store is, how it works, and what the differences are to cloud music services. You'll also find out the main pros and cons of downloading music rather than streaming it.
Audio Formats: Which One Should You Use?
What is the best audio format for listening to music on your portable player? Find out some of the main considerations to think about before deciding.
iTunes Playlists: How to Make a Custom Playlist...
A tutorial showing you how you can make a playlist using iTunes.
Internet Radio: Is This The Same Thing as...
What is Web radio? If you were wondering what Web radio is, or more commonly known as Internet radio then read this FAQ to find out.
ArtistServer Music Service Review
ArtistServer.com review - A social media website that hosts over 8000 songs that you can listen to on-demand or download as MP3s.This free and legal media service also provides free MP3 ringtones, photos, blogs, and a place to talk via its forums.
How to Buy an iTunes Gift Certificate Online
Buying an iTunes gift certificate (similar to buying a gift card) enables you to instantly give a friend or family member a set amount of credit that they can use to purchase songs, albums, apps, audiobooks, and more from the iTunes Store. You can elect to send your iTunes gift certificate either via email, or even print it out to present in person. To find out how, follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to give the gift of music.
iTunes Store Review: Is it Still The Best Music...
In this full iTunes Store review discover the pros and cons of using the service. If you are thinking of using the iTunes Store to download songs, audiobooks, and music videos for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod then read this review to see if it's a service that will meed your needs.
How to Use Free Switch Audio File Converter to...
Have you got uncompressed WAV files that you'd like to convert to much smaller MP3s? Even though audio stored in the WAV format is of excellent quality, it can take up a huge amount of storage space. This short tutorial will show you how to convert these space-hogging files to much smaller MP3s so they can easily fit onto storage-limited devices like MP3 players and smartphones.
Converting to iTunes Audiobooks: How to Add...
Is it really possible to convert songs to iTunes audiobooks? You can fool iTunes into thinking any song is an audiobook by changing its media type. This can be useful if you want to add bookmarking to a lengthy song and want iTunes to remember its playback position. This iTunes hack is also a stellar organizational aid in quickly moving multiple audiobooks that have ended up in the wrong section in your iTunes library. If you want to see how easy it is to get iTunes to treat any song as an audiobook, then read on!
Google Play Definition: What is Google Play?
If you've already heard about Google Play, but don't know much about it, then this article will quickly give you the details. By consulting this glossary article, you'll also discover how you can use Google's hub of media services to listen to digital music and take advantage of its cloud storage services to stream your existing library to practically any mobile device.
Best FM Transmitters: Listen to MP3 Music on...
Do you need an FM transmitter to listen to your iPod or MP3 player in the car? If you've got a car radio that doesn't have the facilities to dock with portables, USB fflash drives, or flash cards, then an FM transmitter is the ideal solution. By using an FM transmitter you will be able to tune your car stereo into any device that uses headphones -- this includes CD players, cell phones, etc. You can then enjoy your digital music collection rather than using countless CDs for example.
VLC Player Tutorial: How to Stream Radio Stations
ShoutCast has been dropped from the VLC Player, but you can still easily listen to hundreds of Internet radio stations when you know where to look.
How to Download Free Songs From The Amazon MP3...
Apple may have ceased their 'Free Single of The Week' promotion on the iTunes Store, but you can still use Amazon to download free digital music. Find out in this article how to search for free songs and albums which can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer / mobile device.
Setting Up AirPlay on The iPhone
AirPlay on the iPhone enables you to stream songs and videos via your home network to compatible devices (e.g. speakers) and even your TV (using Apple TV). To find out more, read this article to see how to set it up.
Listen to MP3s on Your Car's Tape Player with...
Are you looking for a way to listen to your iPod, iPhone, MP3 Player, etc., using your car's radio cassette player? If you've got an old car radio/cassette stereo system and want to be able to listen from digital audio sources like a portable CD player, Mini Disc, smartphone, or other type of portable that sports a headphone socket, then the best solution is to use a cassette tape adapter. Take a look at our cassette adapters top-list to see some of the best.
How to Play Ogg Files in Windows Media Player 12
Windows Media Player 12 can't play audio encoded with the Ogg Vorbis format. If you've got .ogg or .oga files then all you need is the right codec installed on your computer.
What is a Music Tag?
Learn more about how and where music metadata is stored and what software is needed to view and edit this information.
Windows Media Player Crossfading: How to...
Crossfading songs in Windows Media Player is a great feature that allows you to listen to your digital music library without the annoyance of silence. Smooth transitions between songs not only enhances your listening experience, but also adds an excellent professional touch -- this effect is often used by DJs for non-stop music. If you want to use crossfading while listening to your MP3 music collection, then follow our easy tutorial on configuring WMP 11 to use crossfades between tracks.
Best Ringtones for Valentine's Day
Are you searching for Valentine's Day music to download? Or perhaps looking for Valentine's Day sounds and ringtones? This article highlights a varied selection of Valentine's Day music albums and sounds that you can download. You'll find Valentine's Day songs, sounds, and ringtones guaranteed to impress the love in your life.
Missing iTunes Song Lyrics: How to Manually Add...
Have you got missing iTunes song lyrics that you want to fix? Rather than looking for a dedicated program to add lyrics to your music tracks, you can use the iTunes software to manually add this missing metadata. For more information, read our step-by-step tutorial on how to add missing lyrics to your iTunes library.
Cloud Storage Definition: What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud storage is simply a term that refers to online space that you can use to store your data.
How to Convert a YouTube Video to an MP3: Use...
Have you been trying to find a way to convert a YouTube video to an MP3? If so, then our short tutorial will show you how to use a free online tool to extract the audio from a video file to create an MP3 file. If your converting a YouTube music video, then you'll be able to transfer the created MP3 to your iPod, iPhone, or alternative MP3 player.
Best Free Software For Cataloging Music on CD...
Using free disk cataloging software makes it easy to locate a particular song, photo, or other type of file. If you've got a lot of files archived on CD, DVD, etc., then this article highlights software that's great for keeping track of your music library.
How to Copy a Music CD: Backup Your Original...
What's the best way to copy a music CD? If you've got a collection of original music CDs that you'd like to protect from damage (such as scratches), then creating backup copies is a good solution. This short CD copying tutorial shows you how to quickly copy a music CD in order to store the original in a safe place.
Migrating Your iTunes Library to a New Drive or...
Do you need to transfer your iTunes songs to another location? If you need to move your iTunes library because your hard drive is nearly full, or just want to relocate your songs in another folder on your computer, then this tutorial will show you how.
Windows Media Player 12 Free Plugins: Add-on...
Windows Media Player 12 is a popular player for audio and video files, but you can make it even better by using free plugins. As well as improving the interface and customizing its options, you can add features like better support for audio formats, display lyrics as your songs play, advanced metadata editing, and other useful tools.

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