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Readers Respond: Top backup solutions for backing up media files

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A large collection of digital music or other type of media library can be expensive and time consuming to replace. With this in mind, we'd like to hear about how you keep your media files safe. Whether you use hardware, software, or an online service to backup your prized media files, why not spread the word about your fantastic idea by using our reader's top tips list!

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External Hard Drives - Dual Drives?

I have two external 1TB drives. I rotate them for all my data back up that I perform with standard back up software. The media files, I don't transfer them with Back up software. The videos, photos and song files, I move over manually using Internet Explorer. When ever I add songs, I also copy them over to drive one and two. When doing the backups I rotate the drives on a weekly basis. This way if a drive fails, I've lost at most one weeks worth of backup, which I would copy from the original drive down to the surviving external drive. Then I go to the store and get a new external H.D. and do a full backup and manually copy all media files over to it. It's almost like mirroring in a raid setup for backing up, except I do the media files manually. I think it works well and cost's today is cheap when you consider a large music, video and photo database being lost.
—Guest TheHeights

Music back up solutions

I have an external 1TB USB drive. They are cheap today at $65. I create a folder for each artist which makes it easy to find things. I do not use their automated back up software.
—Guest Jim from PA


You have to be careful about cloud drive backups. I have been paying Carbonite for two years to back up my data and still don't have a complete backup yet. What they don't tell you until you complain is that after the first 200 GB, they slow you down so much that it is virtually impossible to get more date backed up. You cannot pay more to get a normal upload speed. Your only option is to switch to their Business account which is about 5 times more expensive than the personal account I have beeen paying for. Now I have 200 GB on Carbonite and an additional 75 Gb that they won't backup. Don't trust your backup to Carbonite as they are not honest when taking your money.
—Guest swolper@gmail.com

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Top backup solutions for backing up media files

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