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4 Ways to Backup Your Music

If you currently store all your digital music on a computer or portable media player, and haven't backed it up yet, then you run the risk of loosing it. Find out the different ways you can safely store your digital music for disaster recovery by reading our guide on media storage solutions.

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Top 5 Ways to Use iTunes Playlists

Whether you want to create mixtapes, listen to Internet radio, or generate Smart Playlists that update themselves, be sure to read this collection of tutorials to get the best out of using playlists in iTunes.

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Freeing Up Space on The iPod Touch by Making iTunes Songs Smaller

Friday April 18, 2014

iPod Touch

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have all the songs in your iTunes library right there on your iPod Touch? If you've got a small collection of songs then you may be able do this, but how long will it be before you can't squeeze them all on?

Even having a model with the largest available capacity won't give you immunity to the eventual strain on storage space. Unfortunately the design of the iPod Touch means that you can't add extra memory (like a flash card) to boost available storage. Sooner or later you'll find that your iPod's capacity will slowly diminish to the point where you'll have no option but to free-up some space.

One of the ways you can quickly gain back much needed space is to use an option in iTunes that can be easily overlooked. To find out more, read our tutorial on configuring iTunes to convert songs on the iPod Touch to a lower bitrate.

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iPhone FAQ: Do I Need to Use My Computer to Delete Songs on The iPhone?

Wednesday April 16, 2014


If you've been a long-time user of Apple devices then you might still be in the habit of connecting the iPhone to your computer when you want to delete some of its content. In fact, you might not be aware that you can directly delete songs from your device.

However, since the release of iOS 5, users have been able to do precisely this. For digital music, you can easily remove individual songs directly from your iPhone without the hassle of hooking it up to the iTunes software. This is certainly a boon compared to the days before iOS 5 when the only way to manage the contents of your iPhone was was to connect it (via a transfer cable) to a computer.

If you need to free-up space on your iPhone by deleting songs you don't listen to anymore, then read our tutorial on removing music directly on the iPhone.

Image Courtesy of Apple

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Spotify Rolls Out New Darker Interface And A New Home For Your Music

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Spotify Software And Devices

Spotify recently announced via its blog the launch of a radical new look that sports a darker theme and improvements to the icons and text. Spotify's revamp isn't just cosmetic either. One addition worth noting is you no longer have to rely on playlists or stars to add songs to your personal library.

The introduction of the newYour Music option has been designed to give you a more natural (and easier) way to save, manage and browse the songs you want to keep in your personal music library. The company says in its blog, "Save albums and browse their beautiful cover art, gather your favourite artists and create playlists for every mood and moment. Found a song or album that you like? Just hit save to add it to your collection. It's that simple."

There's also an improvement to the Browse facility which the popular music service says delivers better content which is more relevant and localized. However all these changes won't be seen straight away by everyone. Spotify say the process will be gradual for its iPhone, desktop, and Web Player users.

Image Spotify AB

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iTunes FAQ: Can I Transfer Songs From The iPod Touch to iTunes?

Thursday April 3, 2014

iPod TouchYou may think that syncing songs between your iTunes library and iPod Touch is only a one-way process. Most of the time you'll probably update your Apple device with new songs and apps from the library on your computer. However, you can also transfer content the other way too.

But why would you want to do this?

It is sometimes useful to be able to transfer content from your iPod Touch -- to a new computer for example when you don't have a local backup at hand, or can't download from iCloud.

If you need to transfer iTunes purchases which may only be on your iOS device, then read our tutorial on transferring songs and apps from the iPod Touch to a new computer.

Image Courtesy of Apple, Inc.

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