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Windows Media Center Definition: What is WMC?



An Introduction Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center (WMC) is a multimedia application developed by Microsoft for use with several versions of its Windows operating system. The main focus of WMC is to provide a central media hub to the user for digital music, photos, videos, movies and Television. In fact, WMC can also be used as a digital video recorder (DVR) for capturing live TV (using a PC TV tuner card) or via the Internet using video streaming services -- Netflix being a popular choice for example.

Even though there are quite a few similarities between WMC and Windows Media Player (WMP), it is more suited to a home theater environment where a remote control would be used to listen, view, and record media. That said, many users who have a varied collection of different types of digital media files on their computer prefer to use its convenience as a central point of access.

What Audio Formats are Supported for Digital Music?

Windows Media Center comes with a set of supported audio formats out-of-the-box for playing back your digital music library, these are currently: If you want to add additional audio format support to Windows Media Center, then the relevant codecs need to be installed on your Windows machine -- this is so the program can correctly decode your media files.

For more information on codecs, please read our article on the Best Free Codec Packs to Download for Playing Audio and Video Formats.

Also Known As: WMC, Media Center

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