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Free Internet Radio Players: Listen and Record Music From Web Radio Stations

Free software programs to help you listen and record music from Web radio


If you use popular software media players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp, you’ve probably already discovered that these programs have basic features for listening to Web radio. But what if you want to do more? Thankfully there are lots of free Internet radio players that also have a whole host of other useful features -- like being able to record what you hear. If you like listening to radio, or want to be able to record audio that you can then transfer to your MP3 player etc., then take a look at the following free Web radio software programs that will hopefully open up a whole new world.

1. RadioSure

RadioSure is a highly polished Web radio player that comes with over 12,000 radio station presets. The good thing about this free web radio player is that it can also record what you hear. To start listening to an Internet radio, you can simply scroll through the list, or type in a genre in the search box at the top of RadioSure’s screen. RadioSure is a good option if you want to listen to Internet radio and have the facility to record it.

2. Jobee

Jobee which is available as a free download for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 is a multi-talented software program. As well as being a good tool for listening to Internet radio stations, it can also record them as MP3 files. Jobee also has the facility to tune into Internet TV and has a reasonable selection of preset TV stations –- you can add more if necessary. This media player can also be used to listen to podcasts and read RSS feeds. Overall, Jobee is a great software application that offers a good deal of tools for your media needs.

3. Nexus Radio

Nexus Radio is primarily a music search program (e.g. Radiotracker), but also has Internet radio facilities too. You can use Nexus Radio to download music directly to your computer via its music search facility, or play and record one of the many Web radio stations; there are over 11,000 stations at the time of writing. Other neat features include: iPod/iPhone compatibility, ringtone creation, and an ID3 tag editor. There is an annoyance with Nexus Radio during installation which you should be aware of. The program installs the ask.com toolbar add-on by default unless you uncheck this option. That said, Nexus Radio offers a huge resource of music and Web radio stations that is still well worth the download.

4. RCN ShoutCast Player

If you’re looking for a simple program to listen to Web radio, then the RCN ShoutCast Player for Windows gets the job done. It’s interface is very straightforward to use – there’s just two drop-down menus and a volume control! The first menu at the top of the screen is used for selecting the music genre and has a large selection of presets. The menu at the bottom of the screen is used to set the ShoutCast server should you need to switch connections. The RCN ShoutCast Player is an excellent choice if you just want to listen to Internet radio in the background while you work –- it’s light on resources and doesn’t take up much hard drive space like some full-featured media players can.

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