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Best Free Music Storage Sites That Stream: Free Cloud Storage for Your Music

Store your digital music online and listen to it as streaming audio


Would you like to listen to your music library from anywhere? There are free online music storage sites that provide the facility to stream your music via most Web browsers. Music lockers as they are sometimes called are excellent for organizing and storing all your MP3s online so you can gain access to them wherever you are. The following free digital music sites offer different levels of services, but all have the capability to stream your music on demand.

1. Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive
Image © Amazon.com, Inc.

Amazon's Cloud Drive enables you to store your digital music on the Internet and listen to it using the Amazon Cloud Player application (any computer or Android device). As well as music, you can also store other digital media files such as videos and photos. Amazon initially give you 5GB of cloud storage for free. The good news is that if you purchase music from the Amazon MP3 service, it will be automatically stored in Amazon's Cloud Drive but won't count towards your storage limit.

2. Google Play

Google Play Logo
Image © Google, Inc.

Google Play (formally called Google Music Beta) is a cloud-based digital entertainment hub that boasts a storage capacity for up to 20, 000 songs. With it you can centrally store your songs on the Internet and stream them from the Web to any computer or Android (2.2+) mobile device -- this includes smartphones, tablets, etc. As well as music files, Google Play also supports your iTunes library content (including playlists) so you aren't tied down to just using Apple's iCloud service.

Google Play also has an offline feature that you can use to sync music to your computer or mobile device in order to listen while not connected to the Internet.

3. Deezer

Deezer is a free and legal music service that also offers an unlimited amount of storage space for your MP3 music collection; the only limit is that you can’t upload MP3 files that exceed 10Mb. Deezer is an on-demand streaming audio service - meaning that you can listen to your music practically anywhere in the world. Other benefits include creating and sharing playlists with the Deezer community and making Deezer radio stations that other members can tune in to.

4. Maestro.fm

Maestro.fm Logo
Image © Maestro Music Inc.

Maestro.fm is a social music network that not only makes it possible to search for new music, connect with friends, and share playlists, but also gives you access to your own digital music via remote storage. Rather than uploading songs in one go, Maestro.fm’s system stores your music online as you listen to it. Read the full Maestro.fm review for more information.

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